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How to Fix Air Mattress Bulging on One Side?

Do you frequently find yourself waking up on a lumpy and uncomfortable air mattress? If so, you’re not alone! An air mattress bulging on one side can quickly turn a good night’s sleep into a frustrating experience.

Air mattresses are a popular choice for camping trips, as they offer an easily portable sleeping option. However, they can be prone to developing bulges, which can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep, and in some cases, may even lead to back pain.

The good news is that a bulging air mattress is a problem that can be easily fixed. By identifying the cause of the bulge and following a few simple steps, you can get your air mattress back in shape, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. In this article, we will take a closer look at the most common causes of air mattress bulges and provide you with practical and effective solutions to restore your mattress to its original condition.

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Why Does My Mattress Bulge on One Side?

Bulging on one side of your air mattress is due to some reasons, such as misuse and mishandling. Let us discuss some common reasons in detail.

1. Over-Inflation

air mattress inflating

Overinflation is the most significant reason for bulge formation. When you inflate your air mattress beyond its limit affects its seams. The presence of more air causes the stretching and unwrapping of the seams. As a result, it starts losing its elasticity. A point comes when it loses its elasticity and deforms. The deformation leads to a bulge on the side of the mattress.

The bulge not only makes the mattress look bad but also feels uncomfortable. You cannot sleep on the bulge side of the air mattress at any cost. So, it is good to avoid over-inflation of the air mattress. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent inflation.

2. Overweight

You can find a variety of air mattresses in the market. They vary in their qualities, price ranges, and weight limits. Before you use an air mattress, you must know its capacity to withstand the weight. So that if you exceed the weight limit of your mattress, you will only end up disappointed.

Overweighting makes the seams of the air mattress weak. When you keep putting overweight on your mattress, the seams fail to keep their shape. So, the bulges are formed at the seam areas that cause severe irritation during bedtime. It can also cause body aches. Putting the weight according to the weight-bearing capacity can prevent bulge formation. It also ensures its durability.

3. Effect of Aging

old air mattress

It may seem strange, but aging affects the mattress. A more significant difference exists between a new and an old air mattress. Aging affects the effectiveness of the mattress. A new one has stronger seams than one you have used for years. A typical air mattress may get bubbles or bulge after regular use for two years.

If you are using your air mattress, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Then aging is the only reason behind bulge formation. The seams become weaker with time which causes the formation of bubbles. If you are facing the same issue, setting your seam is better. Investing in a new air mattress is better if the bulging problem occurs.

4. Improper Storage

Storing the air mattress is a perfect idea if you are not using an air mattress. Improper storage can result in bulge formation in your air mattress. You must wash and clean your air mattress with a soft brush. It will remove all the bacteria that can damage the mattress leading to bulge formation.

Besides cleaning the mattress, you must store it in a fabric or a size box. Avoid folding the mattress because it can stretch its material, causing wear and tear. It is the primary reason behind the bulging of air mattresses. Moreover, the tight packing can also put pressure on the mattress. It results in the formation of holes in the mattress that can cause deflation.

5. Poor Quality Air Mattresses

The mattress quality plays a significant role in the longevity of air mattresses. Different manufacturers use various materials to manufacture mattresses that vary in their costs. It is a clear fact that high-quality products are found at the lowest price and can cause damage. In contrast, high-quality products are found at expensive rates but provide long-term benefits.

The same is the case with air mattresses. High-quality air mattresses offer high resistance against wear. It does not form bulges. So their seams are more robust than those manufactured with poor-quality materials. The seams of the mattresses made with cheap material undergo stretching and deformation. Even when they are subjected to a bit of mishandling. Thus, they are more susceptible to bulge and bubble formation.

How to Fix the Air Mattress Bubbles?

You can fix the problem yourself without disturbing your budget. Here, we have mentioned some ways to help you remove the bulges at your place. These ways make the mattress comfier and more worth using.

1. Remove the Bedding of Your Air Mattress

Removing the bulge in your air mattress is a challenging step. First of all, you have to remove all the bedding. For this purpose, you need to remove the bedsheets, bed pillows, bed pads, and other things. You must uncover your mattress and remove all its accessories to see the bubble in the mattress.

Most air mattresses come with an internal electric pump. If your mattress has such a pump, it suggests unhooking this electric pump from the outlet. It can complete your task without interruption.

2. Deflate Your Air Mattress

After removing the bedding, you need to deflate your air mattress. Deflation is essential to remove the bulge in the inflated condition. You can damage your mattress by sudden tearing or puncturing. You can deflate it by switching the built-in pump.

You can also remove the air by removing the air valve of the mattress. Handle your mattress with great care because any mishandling can cause irreversible damage.

3. Apply Pressure to Bubbles While Deflating the Mattress

As you deflate your mattress, remove the bulge by applying pressure. But, in this step, you must follow preventive measures. Refrain from putting direct pressure on the bulge area. It will not provide you with desirable results. Apply normal force on the edges of the bulge. Massage the bubble edges to apply pressure toward the area surrounding the bulging. It will help remove the bulge by making the surface even and smooth.

4. Inflate Air Mattress Again

Once you remove the bubbles from the air mattress. Its surface has become bulge-free; inflate your mattress again. You can fill the air in the mattress by activating the built-in pump and using an external pump.

Refrain from filling your mattress, as over-inflation can cause bulge formation. Read the manufacturer’s recommendations while inflating the air mattress. If you feel the presence of bubbles even after the inflation, repeat all the steps for bulge removal.

5. Seal the Air Valve of the Air Mattress

Air Valve of the Air Mattress

When inflating your air mattress, seal its air valves. Sealing the air valves will not allow the air to rush out of the mattress. After sealing it, check if any air is moving out of it. If not, then cover your mattress with bedding. Now, you can enjoy stress-free and relaxing sleep on a bulge-free air mattress.


Quality sleep is essential for all activities without laziness, ensuring a healthy body and mind. It is only possible when you are enjoying a peaceful environment while sleeping. Air mattresses are the most demanding products. They provide you with a comfy nap and maintain your physical activity. They prevent body aches.

Forming bulges on one side can interrupt your sleep. The bulges are due to overinflation, old mattresses, and improper storage. Overweight and poor mattress qualities are also reasons for bulging. You can remove these bulges by following the steps mentioned above so that you can sleep for an active life.

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