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Bed in A Box Vs Traditional Mattress: Which is Better for You?

When it comes to purchasing a new mattress, there are numerous options available. Amongst those options are traditional mattresses and bed in a box mattresses. With so many differences, which one is the right choice for you?

Choosing between traditional mattresses and bed in a box mattress can be overwhelming, especially with the vast options available. Both have their pros and cons, and it’s essential to research and understand the differences before making a purchase.

In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of both traditional mattresses and bed in a box mattress to help you make an informed decision on your next mattress purchase.

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What is a Bed In a Box Mattress?

Bed In A Box mattress

As the name implies, a bed-in-a-box mattress is initially rolled, then compressed, and packed in a box, unlike traditional mattresses. Advanced memory foam is used to manufacture these mattresses that automatically offer greater durability and ensuring a longer lifespan.

Moreover, their manufacturing process utilizes automated compression technology through which they are easily compressed. The compression allows them to fit perfectly in a precise shape box. Whenever you need to use them, remove them from the box.

After removing, they return to their original shape or bounce back due to their foam structure. Now you can use them for a long comfortable nap. These mattresses come in a box, making it easy for you to buy them directly from an online store without making an effort. They are found at a cheaper rate than traditional mattresses.

Pros and Cons of Bed in A Box Mattress:

Bed-in-box mattresses offer various advantages and disadvantages. The followings are some main pros and cons of these unique mattresses.


 1. Cost-Effective

Cost-effectively is among the most noticeable benefits of bed-in-box mattresses. They can be found at a wide range of prices that are considered affordable compared to other types of mattresses. Commonly, you don’t need to go anywhere to buy a bed-in-box mattress, which greatly saves money. You can order them from an online store and get your favorite mattress at your door.

2. Greater Durability

The best thing about bed-in-box mattresses is that they are highly durable because of their memory foam material. Their compressible nature and easy return to their original shape help retain them for a long time. Consequently, it directly affects their durability. They will only deform with time and provide comfortable sleep even after many years of regular usage.

3. Easy Delivery

Whenever you buy a bed in a box mattress, you don’t need to worry about bringing your mattress to your place. The company provides a delivery option so that they will deliver your purchased product to your address. Most companies even offer free shipping services that add additional money-saving benefits.

4. Lucrative Warranty

The bed-in-box mattresses usually come with appreciable warranties. While buying these mattresses, you are not allowed to test them. You can only check them after buying them. Thus, you cannot figure out that the mattresses you are buying can or cannot meet your expectations. Therefore, companies provide these mattresses with a good warranty. They often come with a warranty of ten years, so if you find any issue within these years, you can effortlessly refund your money or replace the default mattress.

5. Easy Set-Up

You can easily set up your bed in a box mattress in no time. You must take the mattress out of the box and place them flat on your bed. They will perfectly expand in a maximum of 48 hours and can ideally be used for sleeping purposes. The mattress in a box occupies much less space than the other mattresses.


Along with providing admirable benefits, bed-in-box mattresses also have disadvantages. The following are the main drawbacks of buying and using such mattresses.

1. Comfort ability Check-Up after Delivery

The most prominent disadvantage of the bed-in-box mattress is that you cannot check your mattress before you buy them. It means that you need to decide whether or not it is comfortable. Moreover, you will also remain unaware of any manufacturing issue in the mattress.

You can only check them when the mattress is delivered to your place. Therefore, those who dislike purchasing mattresses without testing usually do not go for such mattresses.

2. Emission of Gas Fume

Accumulation of the gas-like smell is a common thing in an enclosed box. Such a smell may also accumulate in bed in box mattresses. So whenever you open the box, you may feel the smell. It is non-toxic or harmless and usually goes away with time. But you must keep the mattress in a place with proper ventilation. If the area is not aerated, the smell may not easily disappear, ultimately irritating.

3. Less Support and Comfort

The bed-in-box mattress often has low comfort due to its compressed material. These mattresses are usually less demanding in terms of comfort. Moreover, they lack enough density, innerspring, and several compulsory factors for your body support. The lack of these factors ends up causing several problems, including body aches, lack of sleep, and discomfort.

Who Should Use a Bed in a Box Mattress?

The bed and box mattresses can easily pass through tight corners. So those people who want to keep mattresses in rooms or places where other mattresses cannot easily pass must use bed-in-box mattresses.

These mattresses are considered an excellent choice for professionals moving from one place to another; the reason is that if they make a long-term investment by buying other mattresses, then it only leads to a waste of money. So, those who need to relocate must go for these mattresses after some time.

In addition, bed-in-box mattresses are a cheaper option. Thus, those looking for cheap mattresses can purchase them without disturbing their budget.

What is a Traditional Mattress?

Traditional Mattress

Traditional mattresses were designed in such a way that they possessed coils and springs. These coils and springs are vital in providing definite support and help maintain a comfy sleep. But nowadays, traditional mattresses come in large varieties. Now you can get traditional mattresses having memory foam and inner springs.

The traditional mattresses are unfolded, and you cannot fold them at any cost. Moreover, traditional mattresses do not come in box packaging and are not packed in specific boxes. They require definite space even when you don’t need to use them and are usually expensive.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Mattresses:

The main pros and cons of traditional mattresses are discussed below.


1. Check before Final Purchase

The best thing about traditional mattresses is that you can check them properly before buying them. Checking them enables you to know all about the mattress. You can check its quality and several other factors. You can go for another mattress if it doesn’t meet your demands.

2. Large Variety of Materials

As we discussed earlier, traditional mattresses are found in many materials. The most common materials include memory foam, innerspring, etc. You can choose any of them based on your required comfort level.

3. Versatility

Traditional mattresses exhibit greater versatility. These mattresses can work best with your existing foundation providing the same comfort. You can enjoy a comfy sleep by placing them on any foundation, adjustable base, or box spring.


1. Expensive

Traditional mattresses are much more expensive than other types of mattresses. These mattresses with cheap rates are also available, but they are not considered good because of their poor quality. You have to pay a lot to invest in a high-quality traditional mattress.

2. Difficult Set-Up

The set-up of the traditional mattress is not easy as they are not compact, unlike the bed-in-box mattress. Their setting up may require a long time and great effort.

Who Should Use Traditional Mattresses?

sleep Comfortable Bed Mattress

A traditional mattress is an ideal option for those people who prefer thoroughly checking their mattress before buying it. You cannot check the mattress in the case of bed-in-box mattresses. So, the people willing to buy the mattress after checking must go for the traditional one.

If someone suffers from severe body aches or back pain and requires greater support must choose traditional mattresses. They can surprisingly provide adequate support to deal well with back pain.

What is the Difference Between a Bed-in-a-box and a Traditional Mattress?

Here are the main differences between the bed in a box and traditional mattresses.

Delivery and Set-Up

Delivery and set-up processes are the primary differences between the bed in a box and traditional mattresses. In the case of a bed in a box mattress, you are not allowed to check your mattress before confirming your order. You can only check them when the mattress arrives at your place. But the traditional mattresses are different. You can check them before buying them.

In addition, the bed-in-box mattresses are easy to set up. You must take them out of the box and place them on your bed. But in the case of a traditional mattress, no box is involved. You have to bring the bed-size mattress into your room, which requires a helping hand and much more effort than setting up the bed in a box mattress.


Another factor differentiating beds in a box and traditional mattresses is their varying cost. The cost of bed-in-box mattresses is less than traditional mattresses. You can get a good quality mattress at a cheaper rate. In contrast, traditional mattresses are expensive and are found at higher rates.

You can also get traditional mattresses at a low rate, but for this purpose, you must compromise on mattress quality. Low-quality traditional mattresses are available at low rates, while high-quality traditional ones are available at a high rate. You can get any of them by considering the cost or quality.


Both the mattresses mentioned above vary greatly in quality. The differences in quality are because of their availability in a wide range of materials. The bed-in-box mattresses are designed with various materials, including latex or memory foam. On the other hand, traditional mattresses commonly have springs and coils.

They may also have other materials with varying quality. Conventional mattresses are the best option if you are looking for high-quality mattresses providing additional support. Traditional mattresses commonly require box springs to retain their shape for long-term usage, while bed-in-box mattresses can work best without box springs.


Are mattresses in a box as good as Traditional Mattresses?

The bed-in box and traditional mattresses are both goods in their way. It depends on your demands to choose a specific type of mattress. In short, your body type and sleep preferences decide which mattress is good for you.

The bed-in-box mattresses are not a good option if you are looking for firmness and efficient support during sleeping, as they lack springs and coils. But a traditional mattress is a good option if your demand is attaining enough support for perfect sleep.

Do Beds in a Box Sag?

The answer to this question is “YES.” The bed-in-box mattresses sag easily. Therefore, box springs with these mattresses are recommended to prevent sagging. Traditional mattresses may also face the same issue but don’t sag easily. They get sag after multiple uses; therefore, it is also advised to use a spring box with these mattresses for shape retention.

How long is a Mattress in a box good for?

Keeping the mattress in a box can affect its quality and warranty. The mattresses are kept in the box for temporary time and packaging purposes. If you keep them in a box for an extended time, they will need more space for expansion, reducing their durability by affecting the quality.

The maximum time to keep your mattress in compact packaging must be 90 days. After this mentioned time, your mattress may lose its quality and performance. Therefore, if you want the best functioning from your mattress, you must avoid keeping it in a package for a long time.

How long do bed in a box mattress last?

Bed in a box mattresses typically last around 7 to 10 years. Of course, this depends on the type of mattress and how well you take care of it. Generally, foam-based mattresses such as memory foam or latex are more durable than spring mattresses, which may compress faster over time.

Most mattress companies provide warranty lengths that cover defects for up to 10 years; however, this does not include normal wear and tear like indentations or sagging. To ensure that your bed in a box mattress lasts as long as possible, you should rotate it every three months to prevent any lumps or indentations from forming.

Are there any special care instructions for bed in a box mattress?

Yes, there are certain care instructions that should be followed when using a bed in a box mattress.

Before sleeping on the mattress for the first time, it is important to allow the mattress to expand for at least 72 hours and give off any unwanted odors. It is also important to avoid liquids and spills on the bed as they may cause staining or damage to the mattress material.

Additionally, it is recommended to rotate and flip your bed in a box mattress every three months to help keep it fresh and comfortable. Lastly, using an appropriate mattress protector can provide additional protection for your mattress from dust, allergies, and other particles.

How long does a traditional mattress last?

A traditional mattress typically lasts between 7-10 years, depending on a number of factors. These factors can include the quality of the mattress, how often it is used, and the weight of the sleeper(s). With proper care and maintenance, some mattresses may last longer than a decade.

However, it is generally recommended that mattresses be replaced every 7-10 years to ensure optimal comfort and support for the sleeper, and to prevent the accumulation of allergens and dust mites over time.

Can one person carry mattress in box?

Yes, one person can carry a mattress in a box, but it depends on the weight and the size of the box. Some mattresses come compressed in a small box, which would be easy for one person to carry. However, if the box is big or the mattress is heavy, it might be difficult for one person to move it alone.

It is always recommended to have at least one more person to help with lifting and carrying, especially if you are moving it up or down stairs or over long distances. It is important to prioritize safety when carrying heavy objects to avoid any injuries.

Why are mattresses in a box cheaper?

Mattresses in a box are cheaper because they are generally made with less expensive materials and are much easier and cheaper to ship. These mattresses are typically made with foam or other synthetic materials, which are less expensive than traditional innerspring mattresses.

Additionally, the compressed and rolled packaging allows companies to fit more mattresses in a truck, reducing shipping costs. The direct-to-consumer business model used by many of these mattress companies also eliminates the costs of wholesaling and retailing, allowing them to offer competitive prices. All of these factors combined means that mattresses in a box can be offered at a lower cost than traditional mattresses.

Can you use a king mattress on a queen box spring?

While a king mattress may physically fit on a queen box spring, it is not recommended to use the two together. The sizes of the mattresses and box springs are designed to be matched, so using a king mattress on a queen box spring can cause several issues.

Firstly, it can cause the mattress to sag in certain areas, as it is not being fully supported by the base. Secondly, it can cause uncomfortable lumps or bumps in the mattress, which can ruin the overall comfort and support of the bed. Lastly, it is important to consider safety – a king mattress on a queen box spring may not be completely stable and could potentially fall off of the bed frame, causing injury to anyone nearby. 


Briefly, the bed-in-box option is best if you’re looking for a cheaper mattress and less purchasing effort as you don’t need to go anywhere to buy them. Your mattress will be delivered to your doorstep with a single click at your home. They are easy to set up but provide less support during sleeping, so they are not best for those who demand greater support for relief and painless sleep.

Traditional mattresses are suitable for ones that require mattresses with greater support because of their superb quality material. But they are found at higher rates than bed-in-box mattresses and require difficult set-up and more maintenance.

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