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5 Best Mattress for Pregnancy in 2023

Finding a good sleep position is one of the most common issues among pregnant women. I know this because I struggled with sleeping in my first trimester until I found the solution! Experts advise you to find the best mattress for pregnancy to help with posture and sleeping positions. But how do you find a suitable option among the many available in the market?

I know how it feels to wake up with a sore back and a kicking baby.

So, if this sounds familiar, read on for the best mattresses. Besides, you’ll avoid preterm birth and pregnancy complications and enjoy your entire pregnancy journey! But first, don’t overlook these when going mattress shopping.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Mattress for Pregnancy

Some mattresses are great because they offer the best support during pregnancy. However, support is not the only thing to look at when shopping for the best mattress for pregnancy. Instead, weigh mattresses based on these factors:

  • Sleeping Position

When you are pregnant, you have limited options when it comes to sleeping positions. Later in my pregnancy, my doctor advised me to stop sleeping on my back. That left me with one option (since sleeping on my stomach wasn’t viable).

Side sleeping became my new best friend, and understandably so since it’s the safest position during pregnancy. According to the American Pregnancy Association, SOS (sleep on the side) puts less pressure on our internal organs.

In addition, the uterus gets larger from 20 weeks onward. It presses the blood vessel returning blood to the heart, thus the need to sleep on your side. As a result, mattresses with good cushioning alleviate pressure on the shoulders and hips. 

  • Body Weight Support

Pregnancy transforms our bodies. Most of us gain between 25 to 35 pounds while pregnant. As such, old mattresses do not serve their purpose well since we need better support. After all, we add weight to accommodate the baby growing inside us.

In addition, babies also increase weight as the pregnancy progresses. So, a sturdy mattress is a better option to prevent aches and pains in our joints and muscles. However, note that sturdiness does not mean sleeping on a hard mattress. Doing so also hurts you and the baby.  

  • Temperature Control

Sweating and feeling hot during pregnancy is expected because of hormonal changes. While turning on a fan and wearing lighter clothing makes it slightly better, you need a long-lasting solution. That’s where temperature control mattresses come in.

These mattresses have features like micro-tubes within them to circulate water evenly. This water regulates the mattress’ surface temperature, making you more comfortable throughout the night. Day naps will also be more fun since you won’t toss and turn due to excessive sweating. 

  • Edge Support

Ever had issues getting up from bed while pregnant? Or slipped off when resting on the edge of your mattress? A major cause of these is poor edge support.

When a mattress sags on the edges or prevents you from sleeping anywhere on the bed, it makes it hard to get a good night’s sleep. Thus, you need a better option to avoid falling off the bed. Sleeping or sitting shouldn’t be life-threatening. Besides, you’re pregnant, and your safety matters most.

Always check for reinforced coils or firmer foam around the edges. These are some of the best materials manufacturers use to improve edge support.

  • Motion Isolation

When I was 4 months pregnant, I had serious issues sleeping through the night. My husband has a habit of turning while asleep, and this caused me to wake up each time.

Of course, this affected my health since I did not get enough sleep for a long period. Fortunately, my doctor had the best solution to improve my situation. Getting a mattress with motion isolation was the best decision we ever made.

Motion isolation prevented me from feeling my husband’s movements. At the same time, if I went to bed before him, I couldn’t feel it when he got on later. This feature made the rest of my pregnancy a breeze. I slept like a princess until I gave birth to my daughter, and I’m still enjoying the benefits three months later. 

  • Safety

The safety of the mattress you buy should be among your top priorities. Ensuring my baby and I are safe when sleeping was another big concern since some options are not breathable. That’s not the only safety factor, though.

Mattresses must be clean, anti-allergic, and free from flame retardants. To be sure everything is right with the mattress, check for safety-compliant tags.  

  • Delivery

After-sale services, like delivery, take the pressure off your shoulders after buying a mattress. Imagine thinking about how to move a mattress from the manufacturer to your home. Especially if it’s a distance away. Like me, you need the least stressful method to get the mattress home without damaging it.

Only purchase mattresses with safe and affordable delivery services. I was lucky to get a manufacturer with a free delivery option. So, find reputable manufacturers offering deliveries for their products.

  • Mattress Warranty / Sleep Trial Period

Sometimes, buying a mattress becomes a gamble. Unless we get a sleep trial period before purchasing a product, we can never be too sure if it’s suitable.

Anything can happen as the mattress leaves the store. Also, a product might have defects that are hard to detect before the sale. That’s why choosing a mattress with a warranty works best. It assures you’ll get a refund or replacement if there’s a manufacturer defect on the item. The longer the warranty, the better for you.

The Nectar mattress is a premium memory foam mattress that hugs your body keeping you comfortable throughout the night. Above that, you don’t need to worry about the quality of materials since manufacturers use CertiPUR-US® certified foams.

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

If the standard memory foam does not meet your needs, you can choose the Hybrid option with foam plus springs. You can also spend a bit more to get the Nectar Premier for more luxurious features.

With Nectar mattresses, you get single and dual-action cooling features to stop you from sweating and feeling hot when on the mattress. The 365-night home trial sweetens the deal since you can return the mattress within that period if it doesn’t suit you.

  • Various sizes available (Queen, Twin, Full, Split King)
  • 365-night home trial 
  • Has premium memory foam 
  • Single and dual-action cooling 
  • Free returns and shipping 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Standard option unsuitable for side sleepers
  • More expensive than other brands  
  • No motion isolation

The Puffy mattress has medium firmness, ranking 5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Choosing this mattress is the best idea for women who experience back and joint pain during pregnancy. Besides, you choose between the Puffy Lux, Puffy Royal, Lux Hybrid, and Royal Hybrid.

Puffy Mattress

The hug of the memory foam makes it a favorite among many pregnant women because it offers more comfort. Even better, the Puffy mattress is a silent option. So, you can get off and on without too much of a fuss.

  • High motion isolation 
  • Perfect pressure relief 
  • Good edge support
  • Perfect option for light sleepers 
  • Acceptable temperature control
  • Unsuitable for heavy sleepers 
  • Memory foam traps heat 
  • Does not accommodate side sleepers heavier than 230 pounds

The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid mattress won Forbes Most Comfortable Mattress for Side Sleepers in 2022. Made in Arizona, this mattress has a 120-night trial and free returns if you need to switch to another option. On top of that, you get free shipping and can choose between a soft, medium, and firm mattress.

If you run hot while sleeping as I did, you’ll find the Glacio Tex™ Cooling Cover helpful. It provides high-tech cooling, regulating temperature to keep you and the baby cool and comfortable. Above all, this product gives support when you need it most. It ensures you get restful sleep during the day or night.

  • Customizable comfort 
  • Best cooling cover for temperature control 
  • Perfect motion isolation 
  • Individually encased coils 
  • High-quality foams for pressure relief 
  • Affordable 
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Inconsistent edge support 
  • The medium-firm mattress may feel soft.

Side sleeping is best for us due to health and comfort reasons. Thus, this Helix Midnight mattress is perfect since it has middle layers to support body contours. That means our hips, shoulders, and baby bump receive the right support to avoid aches and pains.

In addition, the mattress has a medium feel, perfect for women who prefer a softer but firm feel in their mattresses. However, the home run is the breathable Soft Touch cover and Glacio Tex Cooling cover (optional). These cooling technologies draw the heat from your body, leaving you cool and comfy.  

  • Perfect side sleeper support 
  • Cooling technologies 
  • Pressure point relief 
  • 100-night sleep trial 
  • 10 to 15-year warranty
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Too soft for those looking for a medium firm feel. 
  • The mattress tends to get a little warm.

Undeniably, mattress shopping while pregnant leads you to evaluate every product based on its support for you and the baby. However, you’ll only be pregnant for nine months. So, you must choose a mattress that serves you after delivery. The WinkBed mattress is best because it supports the stomach, side, and back sleepers.

The WinkBed mattress

You’ll also find it suitable for its medium-firm feel, temperature regulation, and excellent edge support. In addition, the WinkBed is eco-friendly, as it uses recycled steel coils, preventing environmental damage.

Gaining weight during pregnancy is no longer a stress point since this mattress has various firmness options. The Plus mattress is perfect for better support and comfort if you’re heavy. Other options include the Softer, Luxury Firm, and Firmer mattresses.

  • Perfect edge support to accommodate pregnancy pillow 
  • Best for various sleeping positions 
  • Provides comfort and support 
  • 120-night trial 
  • Free shipping and returns 
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Good motion isolation
  • Unsuitable for foam lovers


Why Is Sleep Important for Pregnancy?

Sleep is important at all times, but it becomes crucial during pregnancy because of the growing belly, aches, and pains. We commonly experience sleepless nights, contributing to stress and fatigue long before giving birth. However, that’s not the worst part. Sleep is more than necessary to avoid the following:

  • High blood pressure or preeclampsia 
  • Long labors 
  • High rates of cesarean sections 
  • Gestational diabetes

Avoiding television and phones before bed and keeping off stress promotes healthy sleep. On top of that, adding a comfortable mattress to the equation ensures you’re comfortable during and after pregnancy.

Tips to Sleep Comfortably During Pregnancy

We’ve seen that sleep promotes healthy birth and prevents fatigue. But how do we sleep comfortably despite the constant heartburn and pains? Below are expert-proven tips to sleep comfortably during pregnancy:

  • Invest in a Pregnancy Pillow

A pregnancy pillow was among my first gifts, and although I was against using it at first, it slowly became a necessity whenever I needed to lie down or sleep. Pregnancy pillows come in various shapes, including U-shaped, bean-shaped, and wedge-shaped pillows. Besides, their ergonomic designs eliminate pregnancy aches and pains and offer the best support for the entire body.

Other benefits include:

  • Support during breastfeeding 
  • Reduced pregnancy-induced edema. 
  • Calmness during pregnancy as it simulates hugging.
  • Try Sleeping with a Pillow Between Your Legs

It’s impossible to sleep on your side and feel comfortable. Fortunately, placing a pillow between your legs reduces back and hip pain since the spine remains neutral. Still, you must choose a pillow based on your body size, activity level during the day, and preference.

Contoured and firm pillows tend to work best. They offer the best support to prevent the knees from touching.  

  • Do What You Can to Stay Cool

I often woke up late into the night to grab a shower or glass of cold milk because of the incessant sweating. This became an inconvenience because it meant I was awake for about 2 hours every night. With time, I started using single cotton sheets and sleeping in lighter clothing. Cotton, silk, and loose-fitting linen clothing became my best friend since they increased airflow.

Staying hydrated and using floor and ceiling fans helped create a cool sleeping sanctuary. Try out different techniques. Mattress covers with cooling technologies are the best because they regulate temperature without you having to do too much. Ultimately, what matters is that you feel cool and comfy enough to sleep through the night.


Inarguably, pregnancy is a fun and memorable time in our lives. We bond with our babies and partners and develop attributes to help us become good mothers. However, all this is possible if we sleep better and get enough rest and comfort throughout the nine months. If your old mattress does not support your weight, side sleeping, or help you stay cool, you must replace it.

That’s why the WinkBed mattress should be your number one choice. It supports various sleeping positions, including sleeping on the side.

There are several options for light and heavy sleepers, so body weight support is not an issue. Temperature control, motion isolation, and edge support features on the WinkBed are excellent and make it stand out. 

Finally, the 120-night trial and free shipping make the mattress a perfect choice for you on top of the many outstanding features of the mattress. With this mattress, you’re assured of deep, comfortable sleep until you welcome your little bundle of joy!

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