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Best Mattress Vacuum Cleaner 2023

Most people often overlook cleaning their mattresses. They think that as long as the sheets and beddings are clean, there is nothing to worry about. Sadly, mattresses harbor a lot of dirt that can quickly cause allergies, skin infections, or other health risks.

To think that you spend at least 6 hours a day sleeping on your mattress, cleaning it should become part of your routine. Lucky for you, this guide covers the 5 best mattress vacuum cleaners.

But first, let’s discuss what dirt lurks on your mattress and the factors to consider when buying a mattress vacuum cleaner.

3 Reasons to Get a Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

Reading this might be difficult, but your mattress could be the dirtiest surface in your bedroom. Getting a mattress vacuum cleaner helps with the following:

1. Get Rid of Dust Mites

Did you know you shed almost half a billion dead skin cells daily? Considering a third of these dead cells end up in your bed, it opens room for dust mites to grow and thrive. The reality is your mattress becomes home to live and dead dust mites as well as their poop. Getting a mattress vacuum cleaner removes these dust mites allergens from your bed.

2. Remove Fungal Pores

Here’s another interesting fact. Each night, your body produces about 16 and 24 ounces of sweat, and this number is higher on those nights you have night sweats. Some of this sweat ends on your mattress, creating a humid environment. This, in turn, encourages fungal spores to grow. Luckily, vacuuming your mattress can get rid of these spores.

3. Clean Pet Discharge

If you are like me, you occasionally welcome your pet(s) to play or sleep on your bed. But, they leave pet hair, dander, and saliva that may cause allergies. Using a mattress vacuum cleaner helps remove all pet discharge.

Features to Look for in a Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

Now that we understand the importance of cleaning the mattress, it’s time to identify the important features to look for in a mattress vacuum cleaner.

  • Powerful Suction

It is crucial that you get a mattress vacuum cleaner with a heavy-duty motor and powerful suction. Since most of the dirt in your mattress is invisible, you want a vacuum whose suction can pick up even micron-sized particles. Aim for a motor that produces at least 8KPa suction.

  • Crevice for Hard-to-Reach Places

Also, look for a mattress vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool to help you clean tight spots. Bed bugs are notorious for hiding in cracks and crevices. Plus, dirt, dead skin, and dust may collect on folds and seams, and the best way to get rid of this is with a crevice tool.

  • Upholstery Attachment for Cleaning Fabric Surfaces

Your mattress features a fabric that conceals memory foam. Unlike beddings that are washable with water and a cleaning solution, this fabric should always remain dry. So, when purchasing a mattress vacuum cleaner, look for one with an upholstery tool. This attachment is effective at cleaning fabric.

  • UV Lamp for Killing Dust Mites and Bacteria

High ultraviolet light helps disinfect and sterilize surfaces from potentially infectious microorganisms such as bacteria and dust mites. Since these microorganism’s trigger allergies, itching, and sleep problems, purchasing a mattress vacuum cleaner with a UV lamp should be a priority.

  • Compact Design

You also want to invest in a lightweight mattress vacuum cleaner that feels comfortable on your hands. This is because vacuuming both sides of your mattress can be tiring. Moreover, you want a product that is easy to store.  

Here is a demo of deep cleaning your mattress with a vacuum cleaner.

Top 5 Best Mattress Vacuum Cleaners of 2023

First on our list is the handheld Housesmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner that features powerful suction, UV light, and advanced HEPA filtration.

It has an efficient rotating brush that spins 6000 cycles a minute for powerful suction. Besides, its vibrating motor produces 14KPa suction, which is stronger than most mattress vacuum cleaners. 

In addition to powerful suction and a fast-rotating brush, this vacuum has a UV light that kills microorganisms and bacteria and releases hot air up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit to disinfect their breeding environment. And if you are concerned about safety, an intelligent security UV switch switches off the brush when lifted 4 inches from a flat surface to prevent UV leakage.

Another good feature is the advanced HEPA filtration that sucks up to 0.1-sized microns to eliminate 99.99% of particles. Plus, an activated carbon filter traps odors and reduces pollution.

The Housesmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner comes in a compact design, weighing only 4.5 lbs. As a handheld vacuum, it is easy to move around the mattress without tangling any power cords. What’s more, it features a 250-ml dust collector capacity, which is sufficient dirt storage when cleaning a mattress.


  • Lightweight, handheld vacuum
  • Powerful 14KPa suction
  • UV light removes 99.97% of pollution
  • HEPA filters get rid of 99.99% of particles up to 0.1 microns
  • The rotating brush spins 6000 cycles per minute to disperse embedded particles
  • Releases hot air to kill organisms
  • Efficient removal of pollution with the 253.7nm UV tube plus hot air
  • The motor runs silently


  • Poor at suctioning pet hair

The Jimmy Bed Vacuum Cleaner is another excellent vacuuming product that features three powerful working modes.

You can either choose the UV + Vacuum to remove dust or switch to Tap + Vacuum for high-frequency tapping to lift dirt off the surface. The third mode, UV + Tap + Vacuum, offers deep cleaning in just a few minutes.

This vacuum cleaner uses a patented compositive brush roll whose high-speed tapping effectively removes dust mites from your mattress. The brush features a soft rubber strip and an antistatic-fiber brush to maximize efficiency when removing small particles.

The Jimmy Bed Vacuum Cleaner also boasts a UV-C light that releases 253nm UV wavelength, eliminating 99.99% of bacteria. It also emits high temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit to kill mites and only takes five seconds to heat up.

Moreover, its 480W high-power motor produces 14KPa suction power to remove allergens. This, coupled with multiple-stage filtration, separates collected particles to prevent tangling and second pollution.

I also love its 245mm suction inlet that lets me cover a larger surface when cleaning my mattress. It reduces the number of times I need to swipe the vacuum cleaner for a thorough deep clean. Besides, the 0.5 liters dust bin offers adequate room to hold dirt, so I don’t have to pause cleaning to empty it.


  • Powerful 14KPa suction
  • Allows deep cleaning on its 3-in-1 working modes
  • Powerful UV-C lamp for destroying 99.99% of microorganisms
  • 5 seconds rapid heating releases hot air to destroy mites and the breeding environment
  • The widened suction port allows fast cleaning around surfaces
  • Dual cyclone filtration reduces clogging and pollution
  • Fast-tapping roller brush removes mites and dust
  • A handheld vacuum that also features a 16.4 ft. power cable
  • It boasts exquisite quality to last for years
  • It also cleans the carpet and sofa


  • Quite heavy for some users as it weighs 7.93 lbs

An interesting feature of the Dizikzo Bed Vacuum Cleaner is its dual-beat head that cleans a large surface area while maintaining high efficiency. What’s more, its nozzle design leaves zero room for blind spots.

This wireless vacuum cleaner features a high-performance motor that vibrates to free the dust from the surface. Then, an 8KPa powerful suction sucks the mites, dander, and particles into the 0.5-liter bin for disposal. You can use the Dizikzo vacuum on mattresses, pillows, carpets, or sofas.

In addition, a UV light on board kills infectious microorganisms, including viruses, allergens, germs, bacteria, and mold.

And you need not worry about the filtration system. This vacuum integrates a stainless steel filter alongside a HEPA filter. The stainless steel filter traps large, visible dirt, whereas small, fine particles are absorbed in the HEPA filter.

Operating this product is relatively easy as it features a single button. It is also lightweight, with an ergonomic handle for convenience. Besides, its transparent dust cup snaps on and off for quick emptying and cleaning.


  • Multiple filtration with the stainless steel and HEPA filter
  • One-button switch makes it easy to operate
  • Battery lasts 25 minutes
  • Lightweight design with an ergonomic grip
  • Transparent and washable dust cup
  • 8KPa suction power
  • Features a UV sterilization lamp to kill microorganisms


  • Battery charges for two hours only to last 25 minutes

4. Dorvin Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

Dorvin Mattress Vacuum Cleaner comes in a sleek design yet packs powerful features. First, it offers a 20KPa super suction power to collect all sizes of particles from your mattress. And the motor uses high-frequency vibrations to shake dust, mites, and particles off.

Second, it provides high-efficiency filtration with its HEPA filters. These filters are effective at trapping particles without recirculating them into the air. This eliminates up to 99.97% of microscopic particles to keep your mattress clean.

The battery lasts 30 minutes in low gear and 20 minutes in high gear. However, it takes up to four hours to recharge it. 

Lastly, this handheld vacuum is easy to use since it features a single button. It is also easy to detach and attach the 0.5-liter dirt compartment when emptying and cleaning the parts.


  • High-frequency tapping dislodges stubborn particles
  • Offers 20KPa powerful suction
  • Its 2.5 lbs. weight is easy to move around
  • The wireless design means no more cables
  • Battery lasts for half an hour on low gear
  • UV protection destroys harmful viruses and microorganisms
  • A precise pinhole filter prevents clogging
  • Easy to use and switch between On, Off, and Higher speed setting
  • High-precision sensors detect when the device is off the surface and turns the UV light off


  • The battery takes long to recharge
  • Quite loud when running in high gear

5. Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

This Generic Mattress Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight, handheld vacuum cleaner with a powerful battery that lasts up to 25 minutes. Although this might not seem like a lot for some users, deep cleaning a mattress often takes 20 to 30 minutes.

The product also features powerful suction that is three times better than regular vacuum cleaners. Its high-speed turbo motor produces up to 8000 vibrations a minute to remove deep-rooted mites from the mattress.

Moreover, an engine cooling system prevents the motor from overheating. And thanks to built-in acoustic materials, these intense vibrations are absorbed, reducing noise and turbulence.

In addition, an 11KPa suction draws the mites and dust particles into the filter system. Meanwhile, a UV-C lamp kills germs, mites, and bacteria, and this dirt is collected in a multi-filtration system to avoid distributing it back into the air.

Another excellent feature is the vacuum’s wide cleaning range that promotes fewer sweeps than other mattress vacuum cleaners.


  • Features a sealed filtration system to prevent leakage
  • Battery lasts for 25 minutes
  • It comes with a removable filter for easy cleaning
  • The engine cooling system prevents the high-speed turbo motor from overheating
  • Produces 11 KPa suction power
  • UV light destroys mites and bacteria
  • Wide cleaning head design maximizes efficiency
  • It is lightweight since it weighs 3.32 pounds


  • It produces 75db noise, which is quite loud


There you have it: our five best mattress vacuum cleaners of 2023. My personal favorite is the Housesmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner. I love how lightweight it feels when vacuuming, as it features an ergonomic handle.

Plus, it offers powerful suction and high rotation frequency to tap and suck deep-rooted dirt from the mattress. Moreover, it has a highly efficient UV light that destroys up to 99.97% of pollution alongside advanced HEPA filtration to trap even the tiniest micron-sized particles.

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