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Best Truck Bed Mattress for Camping 2023

Ever woken up in the woods with an aching back and sore neck? If so, you have a terrible camping mattress!

A good night’s sleep is paramount, whether at home or camping out in the woods. It ensures you wake up fresh and ready to take on the day’s adventures. Firstly, there are two common camping mattress materials to choose from. So, consider the usability, thickness, and how often you go camping before buying one.

Besides, research shows that it’s more difficult to sleep when it’s hot. Thus, campers need suitable mattresses for temperature regulation and comfort in the summer. Below are some factors to remember when choosing the best truck bed mattress for camping in 2023.

How to Choose the Best Truck Bed Mattresses for Camping

  • Mattress Type & Material: Foam vs. Air

A camping experience is better when you have the best equipment, and a mattress is one of them. However, the attendant will give you two choices when you walk into a camping equipment store. Camping mattresses are either foam or air mattresses.

Of course, from my experience buying a new mattress for my home bed, I was certain a foam mattress is best (especially a memory foam one). Still, there were more factors to consider, like truck bed size and portability. Also, while a foam mattress is more comfortable, it takes up more space and is not the most convenient to take camping.

On the other hand, air mattresses are portable, suitable for different truck bed sizes and tents, and best for shorter trips. Again, you can compress them and pack them down to a convenient size that fits in your backpack. Just don’t forget to bring your pump if it’s not self-inflating!

But, if you know you have adequate room to carry a mattress you cannot deflate, choose foam. Also, a high-quality air mattress is your best choice if you’ll be in the woods for more than a couple of days.

  • Versatility: Portable Vs Non-Portable

I was adamant about bringing my foam mattress on my first car camping trip. Unfortunately, those are less portable because they don’t deflate. In fact, despite trying everything, we couldn’t fit it in the trunk with other equipment we needed on the trip.

As a result, we looked for a portable mattress that didn’t take up too much space. On top of that, we were to try pitching a tent on the last night of our camping trip. So, the mattress had to be easy to carry from the parking spot to the camping site. That’s how I learned the importance of having a portable mattress for fantastic camping experiences.

  • Accessories

Accessories, like pillow tops, are a great addition to camping mattresses. Besides, heavy sleepers need extra cushioning to support their body weight. While that may not be necessary if you’re on the lighter side, having this accessory on your camping mattress does not hurt.

On top of that, mattresses that come with pumps are better. You don’t go looking for a suitable pump on the last day of packing only to find those sold out. Unless a mattress is self-inflating, always go for those with pumps.

  • Thickness

The thicker the mattress, the less the possibility of sinking into it. A few years ago, I went camping with my son, and the family next to us at the site had a very thin camping mattress. The following day after arrival, everyone was complaining about the discomfort they’d experienced throughout the night.

After a short analysis, we saw that their mattress was super thin, causing them to feel the truck bed excessively. Even worse, thin mattresses are uncomfortable because it feels like you’re sleeping directly on the truck bed (which gets very cold). 

  • Usage

If you’re like me, you need a suitable mattress because camping is at the top of my hobby list. I know most people go camping approximately thrice yearly. However, I’m different since I strive to camp outdoors once monthly. That means I use my camping mattress more than the average person.

My usage varies since I go car camping, backpacking, and winter camping. So, instead of buying different mattresses for these activities, I chose one that is versatile.   

Top 5 Truck Bed Mattress for Camping

This camping mattress is among the most affordable, mainly due to the unique features you get. The Hikenture Double Sleeping Pad is the first mattress I came across when I went mattress shopping. On top of the affordability, the mattress body is water-resistant, meaning less worry about wet surfaces or humid conditions.

If that’s not enough, the Hikenture Double Sleeping Pad has two valves. One is for easy inflation, while the other is for rapid inflation and deflation. Moreover, its lightweight nature makes it easy to carry, even on hikes.

This mattress was more impressive for me because of its wide surface area, making it a comfortable mattress to accommodate two adults.


  • Wide surface area 
  • Has two valves 
  • Has a waterproof surface 
  • It is affordable 
  • It is easy to compress 
  • It is lightweight


  • It is not the best cold weather mattress

Folding mattresses are more than camping mattresses. You can use them at home as guest beds or bring them camping since they’re portable. On top of that, the mattress has high-density foam material to provide maximum comfort and enough padding against the truck bed.

Unlike most foam mattresses, these folding mattresses are easy to fold, and they come with a case that’s easy to zip up and keep the mattress neatly tucked away. However, you might need a larger truck to fit this mattress because it’s on the larger side.


  • It is comfortable 
  • Highly affordable 
  • Easy to fold and store 
  • Has differently-sized mattresses (thickness and width)


  • The outer covering creases 
  • The mattress might not fit in smaller trucks

One thing I was sure about when looking for a mattress is that it should fill the entire truck bed. That’s because I love going camping with my kids, and it’s harder for them to roll over if the mattress fills the truck bed. Above everything, the Airbedz Original truck bed air mattress has newly designed valve covers to speed up deflation and inflation.

This is made more possible thanks to the in-built rechargeable pump, which makes deflation and inflation quick and easy. Furthermore, the thickness is perfect, and the heavy-duty feature makes it ideal for all camping conditions.

Fortunately, different mattress models are available. So, you won’t struggle to find the right size despite your truck bed size. Also, if you’re a heavy sleeper, the air coil system in the mattress distributes weight evenly, increasing comfort.


  • It has the right thickness (up to 12 inches)
  • Easy to deflate and inflate 
  • Fills the entire truck bed 
  • It has cutouts on the side to accommodate truck wheels 
  • It has a perfect weight distribution


  • The mattress only fits in full-size trucks

The Pittman Outdoors Airbedz Lite is made from high-grade PVC. In addition, the mattress is suitable for truck beds. Its air coils cover the wheel wells, making it comfortable and level to sleep on. Unfortunately, the mattress does not self-inflate. However, it comes with a portable air pump, so there’s no need to worry.

This mattress offers a better night’s sleep thanks to its integrated air coil system that evenly distributes weight. To top it all off, since it’s made from high gauge PVC material, it is highly durable and resists rips and punctures.


  • Made from high-grade PVC material 
  • Has integrated air coil system for even weight distribution 
  • Comes with a portable pump with a 16-foot cord   


  • Does not fit trucks with 5-inch beds

You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud with the KingCamp Self-inflating Sleeping Pad. Besides, the mattress has a high-density honeycomb design. Aside from that, the sleeping pad has a three-inch memory foam, making it more comfortable. It can also fit two adults comfortably, ensuring you’re warm and cozy throughout the night.

Save your time and energy with the durable screw-type valves since inflation and deflation happens in minutes. Even better, the KingCamp is easy to pack up and carry along while doing outdoor activities.

But the best part of this sleeping pad is the 11 R-value foam that suits all seasons. You can go camping in the summer or winter without feeling too hot or cold. Besides, if you’re into yoga, you need not bring an extra mat since the sleeping pad is multipurpose.


  • Easy to deflate and inflate 
  • Comfortable high-density honeycomb design 
  • Perfect for all seasons 
  • Multipurpose 
  • It has memory foam for added comfort


  • Tough to store away


Why Should I Pick Up a Truck Bed Air Mattress?

Air mattresses with multiple air pockets are best because they have better weight distribution. At the same time, they are portable, easy to store and give you a firmer base to handle car and tent camping. Above that, air mattresses alternate body positioning, preventing aches and pains when camping. 

How Can I Make My Truck Bed More Comfortable?

Using a high-quality air mattress makes the truck bed very comfortable. However, you can add a sleeping bag or lay a memory foam mattress topper on air mattresses to increase comfort. To add to the luxury, install a canopy on the truck instead of a truck bed tent.


When buying mattresses for our homes, we ensure they give maximum comfort and support our weight. The same policy should apply when choosing truck bed mattresses.

After all, who wants to wake up with aches and pains, yet they should be enjoying the outdoors? Based on this theory, the Airbedz Original Truck Bed Air Mattress is the go-to mattress.

It is portable, fills the entire truck bed, and deflates and inflates easily. In addition, the accessories on this mattress make it more comfortable to sleep on for car and tent camping.  

It’s now clear what mattress is suitable for truck bed camping. So, head to the store and get a dream mattress for your next camping trip!

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