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Can You Flip Pillow Top Mattresses?

Great majority mattresses with a pillow top can’t be turned over, but if yours has two sides, you might be able to.

If your pillow-top mattresses only have a design on one side. That means you can’t flip it over, because if you do, the pillow top will get damaged.

Can You Flip Pillow Top Mattresses

Are you considering buying a pillow top mattress for its superior comfort but you’re uncertain whether you can flip it? It’s understandable to be confused about this as traditionally only mattresses with both sides that are identical can be flipped.

The beauty of a pillow top layer is its ability to provide added comfort and cushioning, which has made them increasingly popular in recent years. But unlike traditional mattresses, the two sides of a pillow top mattress are usually not the same. The top side typically constitutes many layers of foam, padding, wool or feathers while the bottom side usually comprises supportive coils that elevate and keep your body slightly above the surface.

What can you do if you have a pillow top mattress and want to know if it needs flipping? Read this article for all the details regarding flipping your pillow top mattress so that it lasts longer!

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What is a Pillow Top Mattress?

A mattress with a pillow top isn’t that different from other mattresses. Most of them are firm and have innersprings or coils inside.

The thing that makes these mattresses different is that they have an extra layer of padding sewn on top. The top layer can make a mattress feel either firm or soft.

For comfort, the pillow top is usually at least two inches thick. People used to complain that pillow tops moved, but now they are stitched better so that doesn’t happen.

A pillow top’s padding is made of many different things, like cotton, latex, memory foam, regular (or polyurethane) foam, or other fibers.

Can You Flip a Pillow Top Mattress?

In a nutshell: A pillow top mattress can be flipped, but you shouldn’t.

In a word, yes. For a number of reasons, pillow tops should never be flipped.

How to Find Out if Your Pillow Top Mattress Can Be Flipped?

Most pillow top mattresses can’t be turned over, but some can if they have two layers of padding on each side.

Check the Specifications

Pillow top mattresses that are labeled “double sided” or “flippable” can be turned over and used on either side without any problems.

Your pillow top mattress is likely single-sided and cannot be flipped if it is not specified as being double-sided.

Check the Mattress Layers

Even if you don’t have the paperwork from the manufacturer, you can still tell if your pillow top mattress is reversible by looking at how it is made, layer by layer.

If you can unzip the cover, you might be able to see the layers of your mattress. But if your mattress has fiberglass in it, you shouldn’t do this because the fiberglass could get out and hurt you.

Most mattresses have a layer of foam on top and a support core underneath. This is a sign that the mattress can’t be turned over.

But if the top and bottom parts of the mattress have the same kind of padding, you may have a double-sided mattress that can be turned over. this isn’t likely to happen with a pillow top mattress because the pillow top is sewn on top of the mattress to help relieve pressure.

Reasons Why You Cannot Flip a Pillow Top Mattress

A pillow-top mattress with only one side can’t be turned over. If you move a pillow top mattress around, it will last less time. It throws off the alignment of your spine, which can cause a lot of pain all night long.

Pillow-top beds are no doubt wonderful. They add a layer of softness that makes sleeping more comfortable for people with conditions like arthritis.

They can make anyone feel cozier, to be honest. So, it’s not surprising that pillow-top mattresses are very popular all over the world. But a lot of people have a good question, which is, “Should I flip this kind of mattress?”


There are three main reasons why you should never turn a pillow top mattress.

  1. The comfort that these mattresses are known for will be gone.
  2. Damage can happen to the mattress.
  3. The Warranty.

Loss of Comfort

When you flip a pillow-top mattress over, you lose a lot of comfort right away. The bed will feel harder than it used to, which could be a problem for people who need comfort and a good night’s sleep because of health issues.

The pillow tops of these mattresses are the main reason why people buy them. Things like how the mattress feels and how it looks come next.

By turning the bed over, you get rid of the main reason why people want it. Since these mattresses are usually more expensive than ones without pillow tops, this almost doesn’t make sense.

Damage to the Mattress

Pillow-top mattresses are made so that they can’t be flipped over. We already said that this is a great feature for people who hate turning mattresses.

No one likes to move a heavy double mattress, which is another reason why pillow tops are so common.

When you flip the Pillow top mattress the top layer might lose its support and become flatter. Other layers made of foam or coils will eventually sag or shrink. This can make the mattress hollow over time, which can be uncomfortable, and the pillow top can get dirty from the bed base.

The Warranty Will Be Voided

Most warranties say that they won’t cover damage to the mattress caused by wrong use, so flipping over a pillow top mattress will probably void the warranty.

A good mattress warranty is important because it protects you from flaws in the way it was made.

Flipping or Rotating: How to Choose?

The key to understanding why most mattress manufacturers tell you not to flip a pillow top mattress is to know the difference between rotating and flipping a mattress.


Mattresses that can be flipped can be turned over for a different sleeping surface. In order to get a good night’s sleep, you can use either side.


When you rotate, you make a 180-degree turn. Where your head used to be, your feet will now rest, and vice versa.

If you can’t flip your pillow-top mattress, you can rotate it 180 degrees every 3 to 6 months so that the same spots don’t get too much pressure.

This can help keep sagging and dents from happening too soon.

Remember that flipping and rotating your bedding is a good way to make it last longer, but you should also learn how to keep the cushion tops in good shape.

Read the instructions on how to take care of what you bought. Also, remember that memory foam and hybrid mattresses are less likely to support flipping than beds with coil springs.

Can I remove the Pillow Top from a Mattress?

You can take the pillow top off of your mattress. To get rid of the extra padding on your mattress, you must do these things. Then you can get cushioning made just for your old pillow top mattress and put it in.

Look on the side of your mattress for the zipper. If the pillow has a top layer, it’s easy to take it off. If there is no zipper, you may need to use scissors or a knife to cut the sides open.

  • Cut a small slit in the pillow top seams around the edge of the mattress.
  • After cutting it all around, the pillow top is easy to take off the mattress.

What are the benefits of sleeping on a flip pillow top mattress?

Sleeping on a flip pillow top mattress has many benefits. First, the flip layer allows for increased airflow and breathability. This can help regulate your temperature as you sleep to make sure you don’t get too hot or too cold. 

The pillow top also works to provide additional cushioning and pressure relief, which can reduce aches and pains while providing a comfortable sleeping surface. This type of mattress also helps extend the life of the mattress by allowing regular flipping and rotating – promoting more even wear over its lifetime.

How often should I flip my pillow top mattress?

You should flip your pillow top mattress every three to six months depending on the type and quality of mattress. This is important since flipping helps even out the wear and tear on your mattress and can help prolong its life.

If you have a two-sided pillow top mattress, regularly flipping it will also allow you to experience each side of the mattress so that it wears evenly. For innerspring mattresses with removable covers, unzipping them to periodically rotate or flip the core layer can also help extend their lifespan and comfort.

Will a flip pillow top mattress work with any bed frame?

A flip pillow top mattress will work with any bed frame provided they are compatible sizes. Most beds that accommodate a standard-size box spring and mattress set will fit a flip pillow top mattress, although you should always check the manufacturer’s specifications before buying. 

Even if your bed frame is designed for a non-flip mattress, it may be possible to use with a flip pillow top by adding additional support mechanisms. Additionally, you must make sure there is sufficient space on the sides of the mattress so that it will not get stuck during flipping.

Is a flip pillow top mattress good for people with back pain?

A flip pillow top mattress can be a good option for people with back pain because it provides extra cushioning and softer sleep surface. This can help to improve comfort, reduce pressure points and better support your spinal alignment while sleeping.

 The flipping of the pillow top allows you to rotate the mattress and shift sleeping positions without increasing pain or discomfort. Generally, memory foam mattresses may provide more contouring for individuals with severe back pain, however flip pillow toppers can still provide an adequate level of support for many people living with chronic back pain.

How well do flip pillow top mattresses hold up over time?

Flip pillow top mattresses can last up to eight years, depending on the quality and type of mattress. Generally speaking, good quality pillow top mattresses can provide good support and comfort for many years. While they may start to lose some of their resilience over time, they should still be comfortable enough to use. 

The thickness of the padding should also be considered when considering the lifespan of a flip pillow top mattress. With proper care and occasional rotations, however, one could expect a good quality flip pillow top mattress to provide a comfortable sleep for many years.

A quick summary of why you should never flip a pillow-top mattress

People often choose mattresses with pillows on top because they add an extra layer of comfort.

Pillow top mattresses aren’t meant to be turned over, and most of them aren’t meant to be rotated either.

But you can turn this kind of mattress without hurting it or making it less comfortable.

Flipping a pillow-top mattress isn’t a good idea because it takes away the layer of comfort and could cause long-term damage that can’t be fixed.

If the bed’s maker finds damage that you caused by flipping the mattress, your warranty might be void. Overall, it’s best to not flip pillow top mattresses. That’s one less thing you have to worry about!

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