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How To Keep a Futon Mattress from Slipping?

Futon mattresses offer versatility and comfort, making them a popular choice for many households. However, one common frustration that futon owners encounter is the constant slipping and sliding of the mattress, disrupting a good night’s sleep.

In this post, we will explore proven techniques and ingenious solutions to tackle this issue. Say goodbye to those restless nights and hello to a stable and comfortable sleeping surface. Here’s how to keep a futon mattress from slipping and enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

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Solution to Stop a Futon Mattress from Sliding

1. Troubleshoot the Futon's Frame

Futon Mattress frame

The frame is the primary determinant of a futon mattress’s stability and support, these parts holds the futon’s mattress and the entire structure together with flexibility. Meanwhile, its design and construction can be the primary cause of a slipping mattress.

It’s essential to check if the frame’s components are secure and properly aligned. You can tighten loose screws, bolts, or joints to ensure the frame is in a good condition. A stable frame provides a firm foundation for the mattress to stay firm without slipping.

2. Use Corner Straps

The elastic straps with clips attached to the mattress corners can help secure it to the frame, this is because the tension the strap band creates makes it difficult for the mattress to shift. Installing the corner straps is easy and doesn’t require specialized tools.

The corner straps are widely available in bedding and furniture stores, you can conveniently and quickly use them to enhance your sleep.

3. Create Your Own Futon Straps

You can make homemade straps to keep your futon mattress securely in place. This requires a few materials and basic sewing skills to add a personal touch to the bedding setup. The needed materials include:

  • Sturdy fabric or webbing.
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread.
  • Scissors.
  • Measuring tape.

In the start, you measure the size of your futon mattress. This will help determine the accurate length of the straps you need to create. Then, using the measurements, cut the fabric into four equal-length strips. Fold each strip into half the size and sew along the long edge.

Carefully turn the fabric strips inside out and place them equidistant from each corner. Sew the end of the straps directly onto the mattress cover if it’s removable.

After attaching the straps, adjust their tightness by pulling and securing them with a knot or fastener. Lastly, flip, fold, and check your futon mattress to see the straps’ effectiveness in preventing slipping.

4. Use Velcro to Secure Your Futon

This versatile fastening system includes a hook and a loop, creating an adjustable and adhesive bond. Attach a side of the Velcro strip to the frame and the other to the mattress. 

In the process, you need ensure you position the strips evenly to distribute the grip when placing the mattress back on the frame.

5. Rubber Mat/Gripper Pad

These mats come in various sizes and shapes at home improvement and furniture stores or online retailers. You need to select a rubber mat or gripper pad that fits your futon frame.

Before you place the rubber mat, ensure the surface under the futon mattress is clean. It should be free from any debris or moisture. This will help enhance the grip and effectiveness of the rubber mat.

6. Futon Grip Strips

Anti-Slip Futon Mattress Gripper

These strips are typically made from a non-slip material. Hence, they create friction between your futon mattress and the surface it rests on.

Most of these grip strips come with adhesive backing, you can easily attach them to the frame of your futon. Ensure you clean the surface before using the strips for optimal adhesion.

7. Non-Slip Futon Covers

These specialized covers are designed with anti-slip materials to provide high friction. They have enhanced grip and traction, which helps keep the mattress from shifting.

However, you have to choose the accurate size for your mattress to ensure it fits properly. The fabric covers made from rubber are more effective in minimizing shifting during use. 

8. Add a Headboard or Footboard

Start by measuring the frame’s dimensions to ensure you choose a compatible headboard or footboard. Most futon frames come with pre-drilled holes or brackets, they allow you to attach a headboard or footboard securely.

Different headboard and footboard materials require different levels of care, you should choose one that is easy to clean and maintain. Some common materials include wood, metal, and upholstered fabrics.

9. Use Furniture Grippers or Pads

Non Slip Furniture Pad

Furniture grippers and pads can prevent slipping on smooth surfaces like wood or tile, because they create the friction between the mattress and the frame. You can choose from the various options available in the market. It includes rubber and silicone pads and adhesive-backed grippers.

Before applying the grippers or pads, you need to ensure the frame and the mattress surface are clean and free from dust or debris. Also, place the grippers or pads near the corners and edges, especially where the mattress meets the seating or sleeping surface. 

10. Use a weighted blanket

The weight put on the mattress determines the friction between the mattress and the futon frame. Placing a weighted blanket on the bed can reduce its tendency to shift around.

So, it’s important to use a blanket large enough to cover a significant portion of the mattress surface.

11. Regular Maintenance

Regularly maintain your mattress is essential to preserve its comfortability, you can make it a habit to inspect the mattress and its support system periodically. The screws might loosen and shift slightly due to the regular usage. So, discovering these problems earlier will help prevent the mattress from sliding out of place.

Dedicating time to flip and rotate the mattress helps distribute the wear evenly. It prevents irregularities of having certain areas compressed due to prolonged use, it also minimizes the mattress’s tendency to develop deformities that could trigger slipping.


Can I use rug pads to prevent futon mattress slipping?

While rug pads can provide some grip, they may not be as effective as solutions designed specifically for mattresses.

Can I use more than one method simultaneously?

Absolutely! Combining techniques like rug pads with tension straps can provide an extra layer of security against mattress slipping.

Will these methods damage my futon mattress or frame?

When applied correctly and with care, these methods should not cause any damage. Test the solutions in inconspicuous areas before full implementation.

Can I use these solutions for other types of mattresses?

While these methods are tailored for futon mattresses, they can be adapted for other mattress types with varying degrees of success.

How often should I check the grip solutions?

You can regular checks every few months are recommended to ensure the effectiveness of the grip solutions. Replace them if they show signs of deterioration.

Do these solutions work for both wooden and metal futon frames?

Yes, these methods are suitable for both wooden and metal frames. Adjustments may be needed based on the frame material.


Maintaining the stability of your futon mattress is essential for your comfort and safety. By following the tips listed above, you’ll be able to address the risks associated with shifting mattresses.

Each method comes with its benefits and considerations. Therefore, choosing the best fit for your preference and budget is advisable.

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