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How to lift a heavy mattress to make bed?

Have you ever struggled to move a heavy mattress by yourself? Whether it’s to make your bed or just to rearrange the furniture, lifting a heavy mattress can be an intimidating task. Moving a mattress doesn’t have to be a challenge if you know the right techniques and tools.

In this article we will provide helpful tips on how to lift a heavy mattress so that you can make your bed with ease. With these simple steps, you’ll be able to move your mattress without breaking a sweat!

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Why do we Need to Lift the Heavy Mattress?

Lift the Heavy Mattress

Lifting a heavy mattress can be challenging, but it can adjust using the right techniques. 

Several reasons why you might need to lift a heavy mattress, including:

  • Cleaning

To clean under or around your mattress, you must lift it to access those areas. Dust and debris can accumulate under the bed. It can be problematic for people with allergies or asthma.

Lifting the mattress allows you to access and clean this area. Bed bugs and other pests can make their home in the crevices and seams of your mattress. Lifting the mattress allows you to inspect the area. It takes steps to prevent infestations. It also eliminates pests that have already been taken up in the house.

Lifting the mattress cleans the stain and prevents mold. Your mattress can develop unpleasant odors due to sweat, bacteria, or other factors. Lifting the mattress allows you to air the area and use cleaning products to remove the odors.

  • Moving

Lifting the mattress is necessary to move it out of the bedroom and into the moving truck or vehicle. If you want to redecorate, move your mattress to a different location. To clean or maintain the area around your mattress, you may need to lift it to access it.

These cleanings could include cleaning the floor or walls or accessing the bed frame. To store your mattress, you will need to move the mattress to the storage location. This could be in your home, a storage unit, or a friend’s or family member’s home.

  • Replacing

Replacing a heavy mattress is necessary when it becomes worn out or uncomfortable.  Over time, a mattress can become worn out and start to sag, leading to discomfort and poor sleep quality. If your mattress is sagging or feels lumpy, it’s likely time for a replacement.

Allergies or sensitivities are also factors to consider replacing your mattress. It reduces exposure to allergens or irritants. This change includes replacing a synthetic mattress with natural latex or organic cotton.

Changes in health needs, such as requiring more support for joint pain or back issues. You may need to replace your mattress to meet your needs better. It means choosing a mattress with more support or pressure relief.

Mattress technology constantly evolves. So newer mattresses offer better features or benefits than older models. If you have an outdated mattress, replace it with a newer option to use the latest technology.

  • Adjusting:

Adjusting is necessary to change the position or orientation of the mattress to suit your needs. To change the bed frame, you may need to lift the mattress to remove it from the old frame and place it on the new one.

Depending on your mattress type, you may need to rotate or flip it to prevent sagging or wear. Lifting the mattress allows you to access, rotate, or flip it as needed.

Some mattresses have adjustable firmness settings. The setting may require lifting the mattress to make adjustments. To move to a different room or location, you will need to lift it to move it. By properly adjusting your mattress, you can improve your sleep.

How to Lift a Heavy Mattress?

It’s important to focus on your safety when lifting heavy objects, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it. Getting help can reduce the risk of injury and ensure a safe mattress lift and move.

It may be tough to lift a heavy mattress, but the right amount of effort, help, and tools can make this task easy. Let us discuss some wonderful steps to help you lift your heavy mattress. These methods ensure comfy bedding by tucking bed sheets.

Step 1: Lift a Heavy Mattress by Yourself

Lifting a heavy mattress by yourself is one of the options left when you are alone at your place. It can be risky due to the heavy weight of the mattress.

Lifting such a mattress without the help of another person can cause back and body pain. So, you must know all the necessary precautions while lifting a heavy-weight mattress.

Never lift a heavy mattress after bending forward because it can affect your muscles. It causes pain, especially in your arms or back. Here are the simple steps with specific body positions and movements. It can help you lift a heavy mattress without burdening your body.

  • First of all, bend your knees and hips in such a way that you gain a squat position. Avoid bending your back to avoid any physical pain. Your back must be straight before and during lifting a heavy mattress.
  • Keep a short distance between you and the mattress. You may face difficulty lifting if there is a greater distance between you and the mattress. It would help if you came closer to your mattress for easier lifting.
  • Use your hips and knees to lift the mattress and after tightening your belly muscles.
  • Tuck your bedsheet to make a perfect bed.
  • Follow the same precautions for putting down your mattress.

Step 2: Take Help Lifting a Heavy Mattress

Lifting a heavy mattress can be challenging because of its weight. So, you can help your fellows, friends, or family members easily lift the mattress. It is a great way to save both your energy and time.

Lifting by many people doesn’t mean you can ignore the precautions. Careful and safe lifting the mattress after squatting down without bending back. Tuck in the bedsheet with the help of your helper. Put down the mattress to its original position. Enjoy a pleasant sleep due to perfect bedding.

Step 3: Lift Your Heavy Mattress using a Mattress Jack

Mattress Jack Mattress Elevator

Besides using your energy, you can invest in various tools or gadgets to lift a heavy mattress. Such tools are available in the market with varying quality and working efficiency.

A mattress jack is an amazing mattress-lifting apparatus. It may be designed to lift a bed mattress. The best fact is that it can lift all sizes of heavy mattresses with greater efficiency.

The mattress jack works on air-powered technology due to an air pump. Put this apparatus in an accurate position to lift your mattress. This air pump activates by using a switch. Turn on the switch.

The mattress jack will start inflating, and your mattress will rise. You can tuck in all bed sheets without lifting a heavy mattress.

After tucking the bed sheet, turn off the switch of the mattress jack, and the air pump stops working. The mattress jack will automatically deflate. You can control inflation and deflation with the help of a valve.

Remove the gadget after making the perfect bedding. It lessens the chances of any physical injury due to lifting the mattress.

Step 4: Lift the Heavy Mattress using a Wedge Mattress Lifter

The use of wedge mattress lifters is the easiest way to lift a heavy mattress. As the name implies, they design in such a way that they have a wedge shape. They are available in varying types of materials.

They also prove cost-effective over other tools, such as mattress jacks. Using them is very simple and requires no complex procedure. Using more than one wedge mattress lifter is better for getting the best results.

Take a small amount of two wedge mattress lifters to raise your heavy mattress. Slide them between your mattress and the base of the bed.  Make sure to insert them at each corner of the mattress for a balanced lift. They will automatically lift the mattress to some inches.

As the mattress lifts, set your sheet. After setting up, remove the wedge mattress lifters. They not only prove timesaving but are also known to reduce the chances of muscle pain.

Step 5: Lift the Mattress Using a bedMaker?

The BedMaker On Bed

BedMaker is an amazing lifting tool used to lift a heavy mattress. It can lift your mattress with less effort. Lifting a heavy mattress can bear greater weight without breakage. Their working mechanism is quite simple.

Place them in the corners, between the mattress and the bed base. Whenever you need to change or set your bedsheet, just the upper side upward. Their upper side will rise, followed by the lifting of your mattress.

Now, you can change or set your sheet without any hustle. After setting up, push the sheet down. Your mattress will go to the previous position. It eliminates the chances of getting back pain. So, lifting a heavy mattress is best to save time and energy.

Other tips about how to lift a heavy mattress

  • The Fold and Flip Method: Fold the mattress in half and then flip it onto the bed frame. This method works best for thinner mattresses. It can be easier than lifting the full weight of the mattress.
  • The Roll and Push Method: Roll the mattress like a burrito and then push it onto the bed frame. This method is best for foam mattresses and can help you avoid straining your back.
  • The Squat and Lift Method: Squat down and grasp the mattress with both hands. Use your leg muscles to lift the mattress onto the bed frame. This method can be more challenging, but it’s a good workout for your legs.
  • The Slide and Adjust Method: Instead of lifting the mattress, slide it onto the bed frame from the side. Once it’s in place, adjust the mattress to ensure it sits.
  • The Air-Pump Method: If you have an air mattress, use an air pump to inflate it onto the bed frame. This method is quick and easy, but make sure the air pump is compatible with your mattress.


Lifting a heavy mattress is essential to make a bed. Otherwise, it gives an awkward look. Thus, it can end up in an uncomfortable sleep.

It can help promote better sleep hygiene and improve air circulation. It prolongs the mattress’s lifespan and creates a more comfortable sleeping surface. In short, lifting a mattress is essential to make the perfect bedding for a cozy nap.

For tired people of lifting their heavy mattresses, this article proves helpful. Lifting their heavy mattress became easy using the right technique and methods.

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