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How to Keep Sheets on Air Mattress?

Have you ever had trouble keeping your sheets on an air mattress? Maybe you’ve woken up in the middle of the night, tangled up in twisted bedding, with your mattress exposed. It’s a common issue that can be frustrating and disruptive to your sleep.

Air mattresses are popular for their comfort and convenience, particularly for those who often have overnight guests or enjoy camping. However, sheets have a tendency to slip and slide around on these inflatable beds, particularly if they are not fitted properly.

Fortunately, there are several practical tips and tricks you can use to keep your sheets securely in place on your air mattress. In this article, we will explore some of the best methods for making sure your bedding stays put, so you can get a good night’s sleep without any interruptions.

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How to Keep Sheets on Air Mattress

Here are several solutions on how to keep sheets on your air mattress. Take a look.

Buy a Bedsheet Holder

A bed sheet holder will be an excellent way to keep your sheets on the air mattress. You will find different types of bed sheet holders in the market. They are affordable and even easy to fix. Even if they are cheap, they firmly hold your sheets on the air mattress.

Here are different holders you can get in the market.

  • Bands
rubber bands fix the sheet on mattress

Bands will also help keep the sheet in place. You will have to fit them around the circumference of the air mattress to stop the linen from coming off.

You can also use these bands if your sheets are shorter for them to be tied using holding straps. Using bands to secure the sheets in a good position takes a shorter time, and the best thing is that you do not have to take off the air mattress occasionally to tuck the bed sheet.

  • Holding Straps
Holding Straps for mattress

Do you like something that can hold your sheets from the bottom of the mattress? Holding straps is the real deal. They come in one set, which comprises four pieces that you will tie at the corner of your air mattress.

The holding straps usually come in handy, especially if large sheets come in contact with your floor. Using them is simple; Join them using a clip and fix them below the air mattress.

  • L-Shaped Holders

The L-shaped holders are typically designed from plastic, which you use to grasp your linen firmly. The procedure for using this holder is more straightforward; You remove the button from the holder, raise your airbed and then fix the holder below it. Finally, spread your sheets and cover the holder with the sheet, put the buttons back into their respective slots, and secure them by pressing them upwards.

Consider Placing Something Under Sheets

You can check if your bed surfaces are too smooth if that is the case, your sheets will be coming off every time you turn around. The best option to avoid this is to fix something on your air mattress surface to help incorporate some friction between your mattress’s smooth surface and the linen you use. By doing that, your sheets remain intact the entire period you sleep.

Another quick and cheap solution is to use a slightly rougher bed surface and sheet. If that is not the best for you, you can use a good mattress topper for outstanding results. It is expensive but worth the price.

A mattress topper will prevent your bedsheets from falling and give you enough cushioning without forgetting more comfortable sleep. So, please get a mattress topper.

Use Clip and Rope

Using a clip and rope is an easy and affordable way to prevent your sheets from coming off. It’s a DIY process, meaning you can design your grippers using ropes and clips.

How to do this simple:

  • Have two clips; Ensure its end can grasp your sheets firmly while the other end holds the thin elastic ropes.
  • Ensure you attach one end of the rope properly to one clip while the other to the second. Then design another gripper with the same process.
  • Then tie one clip to one corner of your sheets and the remaining clip to the other corner diagonally. Finally, perform the same process for the remaining two corners; just like that, you will sleep comfortably without your sheets coming out.

Buy Fitted Sheets

It’s time to get fitted sheets for your mattress. These sheets resemble regular sheets, but now these come with stretchable elastic. All you have to do is to spread your sheets around the air mattress, and its elastic will hold the sheet in place.

The good thing with fitted sheets is that you do not have to organize or spread them frequently whenever you get off the bed or change positions. They are practical and remain intact even as you sleep.

Make Your Own Custom-Fitted Sheets

It’s good to note that air mattresses do not work as other regular beds. These require you to inflate them when you have to and pack them when you do not use them. Although using the bed linen holder can be a great way to keep the sheets on the air mattress, it can also be tiresome and annoying, incredibly when tired.

That’s why you can make custom-fitted sheets that fit evenly on your mattress and let you sleep comfortably. You can make the sheets yourself or have a specialist make them for you.

Use Velcro Tape

Velcro Tape to fix the sheet

Did you know that Velcro tape can serve as a great way to prevent your covers from falling off the mattress? Yes, it is simple; if your sheet and air mattress have smooth surfaces, you can use Velcro tape to hold them and stop the sheet from slipping off.

To achieve this:

  • You will have to get some small pieces and fix the hook side in the entire four corners of the mattress.
  • If your mattress is made of a velvety texture, then you will have to stick the tape on the sides. Then spread the sheet and remember to stick the loop side to ensure that all four pairs link to one another.

The good thing with Velcro tape is that you can remove it from both surfaces. Even if you leave it in your bed, it won’t cause any damage.

Why Do the Sheets Keep Coming Off the Air Mattress?

Here are different reasons why sheets keep coming off your mattress.


Your sheet material can be why it keeps coming off your mattress. So, check your sheet’s build material. If it’s not compatible with the PVC surface of your mattress, the covers may slip off. Also, determine which material your sheet is made of so that you are sure of the cause of the problem.

Sheet Size

Besides sheet material, Size also plays a vital role in your air mattress. If you use the wrong sheet size, be rest assured that the sheets will start coming off. Size is critical when choosing a mattress cover for your air mattress.

Having the proper sheet size will help maintain its quality and offer comfort. If you choose a smaller sheet, it will end up overstretching, getting damaged quickly, and being unable to hold the mattress in place. On the other hand, if you get extra-large sheets, they will frequently slip off because they are loose on your air mattress.

So, the only way to stop the sheets from coming off is to get the right sheet size for the air mattress you are using and consider the quality of the sheet also.


How do you make fitted sheets stay on a bed without the corners coming loose?

There are a few different ways to make fitted sheets stay on a bed without the corners coming loose. 

One option is to purchase sheet straps or suspenders that clip onto the corners of the fitted sheet and hold them in place. Another option is to tuck the sheet under the mattress as much as possible, pulling it tightly so that there is no slack or space for the corners to come loose. You can also try using sheet grippers, which are small clamps that attach to the sheets and hold them in place.

Finally, some people recommend sewing elastic bands onto the corners of the fitted sheet, which can help keep them secure.

How to get the fitted sheet to stay on the mattress?

Getting the fitted sheet to stay on the mattress can be a frustrating experience, but there are a few tricks you can try to keep it in place.

The first step is to make sure you have the right size sheet for your mattress, as a sheet that is too small will be prone to slipping off. Second, make sure you are tucking the sheet in tightly on all sides of the mattress. You can also try using sheet clips or sheet straps, which attach the corners of the sheet to the mattress and prevent it from coming loose during the night. 

Another option is to switch to a flat sheet and use sheet suspenders to keep it in place. With these tips, you can get a good night’s sleep without having to constantly adjust your bed sheets.


Knowing how to keep sheets on the air mattress is crucial as it will help you sleep comfortably and get the best out of your air mattress. This article has provided several ways to keep the sheets on your air mattress, including getting a bedsheet holder, using rope and clip, and buying fitted sheets, among other ways.

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