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How to Store a Mattress in a Small Space?

When it comes to living in a small space, one of the biggest challenges is finding adequate storage solutions. If you have a mattress that needs to be stored, it can be especially difficult to find enough space to keep it without taking up too much room.

In this article, we will share some innovative and space-saving ideas on how to store a mattress in a small space. Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a cozy studio, these tips will help you make the most out of your limited space.

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How Can I Hide a Mattress in Plain Sight?

1. Utilize the Under-Bed Space

Under-Bed storage

If your backup mattress is smaller than your bed’s frame and base, using under-bed storage is a good option. This idea might be obvious, but it is the most practical as the space under your bed is easy to access and suitable for keeping your mattress within reach whenever needed.

You can always pull it out to use and slide it back underneath the bed and out of the way after using it.

2. Build A Trundle Bed

Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is a practical furniture item and another genius idea to maximize the space under your bed. You can always purchase or turn your existing bed into a trundle bed by making a D.I.Y one and placing a mattress in it.

Trundles usually have wheels or casters – so if your usual bed has a higher frame, you can easily roll them and store them underneath the bed. When packed away, it appears as an entire bed, and guests may never know a trundle exists!

3. Utilize Your Basement or Garage Space

Get more out of your basement by keeping your mattress there. It is an inexpensive way to store your spare mattress until you need it for a guest.

Alternatively, you can lean your mattress against a wall in some corner of your garage if there’s space.

4. Store Your Mattress Above or Under Your Desk

If your spare mattress can’t fit under your bed, you can consider storing it above or under your workspace. If you want to store your mattress above your desk, a loft bed with a desk under it will be the best option. It also works if your ceiling is higher.

We recommend a desk bed for a room with a lower ceiling or if you want the mattress below your workspace. This furniture piece has hinges allowing it to glide and reveal a bed tucked under a desk if you push down the desktop.

5. Disguise Your Mattress As a Decorative Piece

You can also hide your spare mattress in plain sight by disguising it as decor in your living room. For example, you can achieve this hack by creating a headboard with the mattress.

Frame the mattress with just a few wood pieces, place it between the wall and your bed, and you’ll have hidden it in plain sight!

6. Use a Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is another creative way to find extra storage for your backup mattress. It only needs adequate wall space of about eight feet vertically and six to seven feet horizontally.

These beds are designed such that the bed frame folds up to fit vertically in a cabinet or closet, concealing your mattress. It is your go-to option, especially if the bedroom also functions as your home office.

7. Build a Loft

Creating a loft in your apartment will save you on floor space and hide your mattress from plain view. You can always climb the loft to access your mattress when needed.

However, this alternative is quite costly and demands more money and time. You must also consider if you have a higher ceiling space to build the loft.

8. Sofa Bed in the Living Room

If you have limited space for a spare mattress but need room for visitors, try using a sofa bed. A sofa bed allows you and your guests to lounge around during the day, and it turns into an instant bed when needed.

Because a sofa bed needs to fold up or down to use, the mattress needs to be thinner, making it more suitable for short-term guests.

9. Create Furniture With Your Mattress

Vertical Wall Bed Concept with Storage Cabinet

You can achieve the full functionality of an area while you sneakily hide your mattress by using furniture such as a sleeper sofa.

For instance, you will create a typical couch for your lounge if you fold down the back of a sleeper couch sofa. Also, if the sofa couch sits on the other side of the dining table with chairs on the opposite side, it will appear more of a bench and not a bed!

10. In A Storage Unit

When all else fails, or you want your mattress hidden even more away, renting out a storage unit to store the giant extra mattress in your home is here to save the day.

A storage facility is ideal for your mattress to be hidden enough, stay in tip-top shape, and be accessible.


Can I store a mattress in a small closet?

Yes, you can store a mattress in a small closet, provided that the closet has enough space to accommodate the mattress dimensions.

How long can I store a mattress without causing damage?

You can store a mattress for an extended period if it is properly wrapped, protected from moisture, and stored in a suitable environment. However, it’s best to check on it periodically and avoid storing it for more than a year.

Should I store my mattress vertically or horizontally?

It is recommended to store a mattress horizontally to maintain its shape and prevent any unnecessary stress on the coils or foam layers.

Can I store a mattress on its side?

Storing a mattress on its side is not recommended as it may cause the internal components to shift and lose their shape.

How do I clean a mattress before storing it?

To clean a mattress before storage, vacuum it thoroughly to remove dust and debris. For stains, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for spot cleaning, and ensure the mattress is completely dry before storage.

Can I store my mattress in a basement or attic?

It’s generally not recommended to store a mattress in a basement or attic due to potential temperature and humidity fluctuations. These areas are more prone to moisture and may lead to mold or mildew growth on your mattress.

Should I store my mattress standing up or lying flat?

Storing a mattress standing up can save space, but it’s essential to ensure it is stable and won’t tip over. If you’re unsure, it’s safer to store the mattress lying flat to avoid any potential damage.

Can I store other items on top of my mattress?

It’s best not to stack heavy items or place any significant weight on top of your stored mattress, as it may cause compression or damage to the mattress structure.

How long can I store a mattress without using it?

Ideally, it’s recommended not to store a mattress for an extended period, as it may lead to the deterioration of its quality. If possible, aim to use or rotate the mattress periodically, even while in storage.

Is it necessary to wrap my mattress before storage?

Yes, wrapping your mattress with a plastic mattress bag or a heavy-duty mattress cover is essential to protect it from dust, dirt, and potential damage during storage.


Storing a mattress in a small space doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By assessing your available space and considering various creative storage methods, you can keep your mattress in top condition while optimizing the room’s layout

Whether you choose to utilize under-bed storage, building a loft in your room, or other innovative solutions, make sure to prioritize the mattress’s cleanliness and protection.

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