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Twin Mattress vs Single: What is the Difference?

The main difference between a twin and a single mattress is their size, with twin being narrower and shorter, while a single is wider.

Are you debating which is the better option: a single mattress or a twin mattress?

Choosing the right mattress for your bed can be difficult. Every type has its own features and benefits, and picking the right one depends on what fits your budget and lifestyle. Many people don’t even realize there is a difference between a single mattress and a twin mattress.

When it comes to mattresses, two of the most popular choices are single mattresses and twin mattresses. Although they may look similar at first glance, they offer different sizes and benefits.

In this article, we will discuss the differences between single and twin mattresses, helping you make an informed decision when it comes to buying good quality sleep.

Single vs Twin Bed Mattress Size Comparison

Both the single and twin mattresses show no variations in terms of their sizes. So, if you compare their sizes, you will see that they have similar sizes and dimensions and are interchangeable terms. The length of both mattresses measures 78 inches. Similarly, they are 38 inches wide. Their surface area ranges from 2812 to 2925 square meters.

ParametersSingle BedTwin Bed
Size 38 inches wide and 75 inches longThe size is the same with pairs of two mattress
OccupancyChildren and hostels or the rooms in which only one person liveshotels, and living rooms have double beds

The fact that makes them distinct is that a single mattress is just an individual piece, while the twin mattress has two single mattresses with size parameters similar to the single bed mattress. You can buy a single bed mattress if you want only one piece of the mattress. But, if you are looking for two single mattresses, then twin mattresses are commonly prioritized.

Single-bed mattresses are ideal for children, teenagers, and those whose height is less than 6 feet. They need more space. You don’t need to worry about having a large space for the perfect placement of these mattresses. The same is the case with the twin mattresses. But, if both single pieces of twin mattresses are placed side by side, they may take place almost equal to the size of a king mattress.

So, in a single mattress, only one individual can accommodate. On the other hand, two individuals can accommodate two separate single mattresses or a twin mattress. The single bed mattress is mostly placed in the room of children and hostels or the rooms in which only one person lives.

In contrast, twin bed mattresses are used in hotels, and living rooms have double beds. In short, there is no size difference between both mattresses, but if both pieces of twin mattresses are placed together, they will occupy more space, almost equal to the king bed mattress, than the individual single mattress.

Single vs Twin XL Bed Size

Unlike the single and twin bed mattress sizes, you may find a clear difference between the sizes of single and twin XL beds. As we mentioned, the single bed mattress size measures 78 inches long and 38 inches wide. It is not the same as the size of a twin XL bed.

A twin XL bed has a pair of single mattresses, each with a length of 80 inches and 38 inches in width. So, if both single pieces of twin XL bed are placed side by side, they will take the space equal to the size of a king bed mattress.

A single bed mattress occupies less space than the single mattress of a twin XL bed. Due to the greater length, the XL bed mattress is considered best for taller individuals above 6 feet. It is also a good option for our growing children that are continuously growing. If such people sleep on a single mattress of shorter length, they may face restless sleep because of its shorter size.

In short, size is the main factor that makes a notable difference between a single and twin XL bed mattress. The single bed mattress has a shorter length and is suitable for people less than 6 feet, while the twin XL bed has a length equal to a king bed and is perfect for taller people above 6 feet.

How to Choose the Right Mattress Size?

Choosing the right mattress size is important to prevent restless nap time. A suitable bed mattress will provide you with enough space for comfortable sleep. Therefore, before buying a mattress, you must consider the following factors that will help you choose an appropriate bed mattress size.

Consider Your Height

You must consider your height before investing in a suitable mattress. If you buy an expensive mattress that does not match your height requirement, it will automatically fail to provide you with pleasant sleep. You will have difficulty lying on such a mattress as your feet will hang out of your bed.

As we know, both single and regular twin mattresses have a length of 75 inches and 35 inches in width. This measurement is not suitable for tall people or those over 6 feet. They are perfect for short sleepers with fewer than 6 feet. Tall people should go for the twin XL mattresses as their size provides enough length for sleepers to enjoy better sleep, i.e., 80 inches.

If you are less than 6 feet, you are recommended to choose a single or twin bed mattress. But, if you are tall and have a height above 6 feet, it is better to go for a twin XL bed mattress. If you choose another size, it will lead to restless sleep and a waste of money.

Your Budget

Commonly, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost of the mattress you are thinking of buying. Single and twin bed mattresses are the best choice if you want a budget-friendly mattress capable of lying on a short-length mattress without facing length issues. High-quality single and twin-bed mattresses are available at affordable costs.

On the other hand, twin XL mattresses are found at more expensive rates than other bed mattresses. If you can afford these high-rate mattresses, they can be a perfect purchase, especially for tall sleepers.

Note the Thickness

Noting the thickness of the bed mattress is compulsory for efficient plushness and comfort of your mattress. The average thickness of the bed mattresses ranges from 9 to 14 inches. This thickness range is known to provide comfort to sleepers. The mattress, with a thickness of 11 inches, is known to provide maximum plushness. The bed mattresses with less thickness are considered firm with less plushness. Such a mattress may fail to provide you with enough comfort.

If you buy a mattress that provides comfortable sleep with maximum plushness, you should choose a thick mattress. On the other hand, if you love sleeping on a firm mattress with a minimum plushness level, then better to go for a bed mattress with less thickness.


Your mattress should be well suited to the requirements such as room size, price, and height. Before taking any decision, you must gain good knowledge about mattress types, their material, and accessories your bed may be compatible with. Some headboards are designed to suit large bed sizes such as king or queen. After considering all factors, decide or consult with the buyer to get some basic information.

Room Size

You must consider the size of your room while choosing a specific bed mattress. If the size of your room is small, then it is better to choose a small-size bed mattress such as a single or twin bed mattress. The main reason is that they will take an appropriate space in your room without making it over-filled. But, if you still want to keep a large-size bed mattress in your small room, then the choice is all yours. Keeping it in your room will automatically narrow and leave no space for placing other products.

If you live in a large room and have enough space to place a large bed mattress, then twin XL is a must-to-go option. It will not make your large room narrow, thus leaving enough space for placing other furniture and your desired products.

Check the Composition

Checking the composition of the bed mattress while buying it can make your purchase worthwhile. The softness and hardness of a mattress entirely depend on its material. Most sleepers love to sleep on soft mattresses, while some love firm ones.

If you want to choose a soft mattress, buy one with soft material, such as a memory foam mattress. If you need to gain knowledge about the firmness of different mattresses with varying compositions, then let’s discuss them to help you to make a perfect purchase.

ItemMemory Foam MattressPoly Foam Bed MattressGel-Infused Foam Bed MattressHybrid Bed MattressLatex Bed MattressesInnerspring Bed Mattress
Firmness levelSoft to the mediumSoft to the mediumSoft to the mediumMediumMediumMedium to the firm
Lifespan5 to 8 year10 to 12 year10 to 12 year8 to 10 year10 to 12 year5 to 8 year
Pricebudget-friendly to costlymid-range to expensive ratesmid-range to expensive ratesmid-range to expensive ratesmid-range to costly ratesbudget-friendly to expensive rates

The above-discussed information can help you to choose a mattress with a material having your desired firmness level. It can be effective in enjoying great sleep and preventing body aches.

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