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Can You Put an Air Mattress on the Bed Frame

Have you ever wondered if you can put an air mattress on a bed frame?

Air mattresses have become increasingly popular over the past few years as more and more people are looking for a budget-friendly alternative to traditional mattresses. It is lightweight, comfortable, and generally cheaper than many other mattress types. Plus, they’re easy to move when needed.

For those who plan to use an air mattress, but still want to keep their bed frames, understanding if it is possible to put an air mattress on the bed frame is essential. In this article we will answer that question and discuss what factors need to be taken into consideration before attempting this task.

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Why Putting an Air Mattress on a Bed Frame isn't a Good Idea?

The following are the main reasons that make it unsuitable for keeping an air mattress on a standard bed frame.


Wooden Slat bed frame

The slated design of the bed frame is among the primary reasons behind not placing an air mattress on it. Slats are a series of bars connected along the bed frame’s width. Each bar is 3 to 5 inches from the other bar. The primary function of the slats is to provide support to the mattress.

Slatted bed frames support memory foam or other hybrid mattresses. But there are better options for air mattresses. They may make your air mattress uncomfy. Moreover, you may need to meet your desired mattress height. Thus, it only ends up in an unpleasant nap.


Sliding is another reason the bed frames are inappropriate for the air mattress. Bed frames made with polished wood or metal can increase the chances of sliding an air mattress. Besides, the slatted pattern may cause slide, wear, tear, or other damage.

Mattress Height

The mattress height should be enough that you may not feel too low or too high after keeping them on the bed frame. The height of the air mattresses is about 20 to 22 inches. Keeping them on the floor is the best idea. Because there will be an ideal distance between the floor and you whenever you lay on a mattress.

The height of the bed frames ranges from 22 to 25 inches. If you keep your air mattress on a bed frame, the resulting height formed can be disappointing. You may feel too high on the floor, which is uncomfortable. Moreover, the increase in height enhances the chances of injury.

Increased Risks of Tears

Placing an air mattress on a bed frame is risky due to the design of the bed frames. Air mattresses’ design cannot bear the sharp edges of bed frames. Thus, they may cause tearing of your air mattress, making it unsuitable for sleeping.

Moreover, your air mattress may also get damaged after sliding from bed frames. You must replace your damaged mattress to enjoy a better sleep in such conditions.

How to Raise a Bed Mattress off the Floor without a Bed Frame?

Raising a bed mattress on the floor is still possible. For this purpose, you need to follow some tricky ideas. Here are some common ways to help you raise your air mattress without placing it on the bed frame.

Wood Pallet

Wood Pallet bed frame

Wood pallets are durable and used to raise bed mattresses without a bed frame. Their quantity depends on your mattress size. For large size, you need more wood pallets. Due to the rough material used in their manufacturing, please take care in using them, they can damage your air mattress.

Using a heavy fabric or mattress topper is best before placing your mattress. It will protect the mattress from tear and wear.


polywood bed frame

Plywood is a good option for keeping the air mattress at a certain height. The plywood measurements must match your air mattress’s length and width. You can place your air mattress on the plywood with a covering.

You also can cover the plywood with some non-penetrative or waterproof sheet. After covering, put the air mattress in the covered plywood for better sleep.

Rug or Carpet

Carpet under the air mattress

A rug or carpet is a perfect alternative instead of a bed frame. It can be an excellent barrier between the floor and the air mattress. Using a rug wider than an air mattress can result in a better sleeping experience.

The best thing about using it is that you do not need to cover it with any extra covering. It provides a firmer grip to hold your air mattress in a definite place. It reduces the chances of sliding and eliminates the chances of tearing it.

Bunkie Board

You can utilize a Bunkie board instead of bed frames. They are the slatted surfaces having a series of wider slats, and the distance between the slats is quite less and narrow. They are covered in a covering of thick fabric.

It provides an even surface and a stronger grip on air mattresses. It also prevents its displacement. The covering protects the air mattress from punctures or any damage.

Box Spring

box spring

Box springs can be effective for raising your bed without a bed frame. They design in such a way that they have flat surfaces. Thus, they provide a uniform surface for the even placement of your air mattress. They protect the mattress from sliding over because of changing position during sleeping.

They exhibit greater strength to support and hold your air mattress. But the only drawback of using the box spring is that its springs can poke and damage your air mattress. For this reason, it suggests covering the box spring with a durable fabric.  I can prevent the spring’s poking, ensuring its long-term functioning.

Metal Bed Frame

Metal bed frames are an excellent idea for keeping your air mattress at a distance from the floor. You do not need to cut them according to the size of your air mattress. A wide range of metal bed frames is available in the market that can vary in sizes, colors, and shapes. You can choose any of them per your desire and air mattress measurements.

You must be careful while buying a metal bed frame. These bed frames have sharp edges that can damage your air mattress. You must buy one that lacks sharp edges and has slats with less distance between them. It will work best for your air mattress and provides a comfortable environment.

DIY Wood Frame

Making your DIY wood bed frame is a great idea. You can make wood bed frames according to your desired requirements. You must be careful while manufacturing a DIY wood frame. Any wood splinters in it can cause puncturing air mattresses by creating holes.

The wood frame must have a uniform surface to avoid any damage to an air mattress. Manufacturing wood frames with desired features is cheaper than other bed frames.


Foam is a cost-effective way to elevate air mattresses. You can find them in the market in various colors, shapes, and sizes. They function like plywood but differ in the way that they are moveable and portable. But they may have a slippery surface and can cause the sliding of the air mattress during sleeping.

Non-Slip Rubber

Non-slip rubber pads are the cheapest way to keep distance between the air mattresses and the floor. They manufacture neoprene material that makes them non-slippery. This non-slippery nature provides a firm grip on the air mattress. It prevents them from slippering.

But they could be better for attaining a significant height between the air mattress and the floor. They keep the mattress separate from the floor but hold it to maintain a cozy place for sleeping.

Mattress Topper

Full Size Mattress Pad Topper

Using a mattress topper does not lift the air mattress from the floor. As the name implies, it is placed on an air mattress’s surface. It functions by increasing the height of an air mattress. But it does not play any role in raising it above the floor. It acts as a comfort layer that makes your air mattress comfortable. Moreover, it also protects your air mattress from dust and prevents debris buildup.

Bed Frames and Bed Risers

Bed Frames and Bed Riser

You can lift your air mattress above the floor with the help of bed frames and bed risers. They are money-saving methods that not only elevate air mattresses from the floor but also provide additional storage space under your bed.

But they may fail to provide the required protection to air mattresses, causing deflation. Thus, keeping a non-slippery fabric or pad under an air mattress is recommended for long-term protection.


Can I use any bed frame for an air mattress?

You can use any bed frame for an air mattress, as long as you have the right size frame or adjustable bars to fit the mattress.

An adjustable bed frame is a great option as it allows you to adjust the height of the frame, and also provides both support and stability. You may need to buy additional parts such as center supports to ensure that your air mattress will be stable and comfortable on the bed frame.

Most air mattresses come with their own frames but if your air mattress does not, then it is best to make sure that the bedframe fits your needs.

Are there certain bed frames to avoid when putting an air mattress on them?

Yes, there are certain bed frames to avoid when putting an air mattress on them. For example, if you put an air mattress on a waterbed frame with springs or slats, the weight of the mattress and people can cause excessive stress on the bed frame and potentially break it.

To ensure safety and prevent injury, be sure to use a large platform-style wood or metal bed frame that is well built and can support the weight of an air mattress and occupants. Additionally, you should consider purchasing a frame specifically designed for air mattresses which will provide more stability and improved comfort.

Can I use a box spring with an air mattress?

Yes, you can use a box spring with an air mattress. However, you will need to ensure that your box spring is steadily supporting the weight of your air mattress and its occupants; this is especially important when it comes to heavier inflatable mattresses, such as those made from memory foam.

Additionally, make sure you are setting up your air mattress properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions; this helps prevent damage from occurring and ensures that you will have the best possible experience sleeping on your new bed.

What is the deepest size of air mattresses that are compatible with a bed frame?

The deepest compatible size of an air mattress with a bed frame is 18 inches. It is important to verify that your existing bed frame can safely accommodate the additional depth of the mattress before purchasing or securing it in place.

There are also specialty frames available for accommodating larger mattresses – these frames can provide more stability and support and are not limited by depth dimensions.

Are special accessories needed in order to put the air mattress properly on a bed frame?

Special accessories are generally not needed to set up an air mattress correctly on a bed frame, although you may want to use special straps or clamps if the mattress is significantly wider than the bed frame. 

Some air mattresses come with special accessories such as pumps, inflation devices and travel bags that help to stabilize and secure the mattress onto the bed frame. Depending on your specific needs, it may be wise to invest in these extra components to ensure your air mattress is firmly attached so there won’t be any shifting.

Is there a risk of destroying the bed frame by putting an air mattress on it?

Yes, there is a risk of destroying the bed frame if an air mattress of improper size or weight is used.

When determining whether a bed frame can support an air mattress, it is important to consider the amount of weight that will be applied and the weight capacity for the bed frame.

In addition, it is important to consider choosing an appropriate size fit for the bed frame. If either factor is ignored, then it could cause serious damage to the bed frame and even potential injury.

Are there any special frames specifically made for air mattresses?

Yes, there are special frames specifically made for air mattresses. These frames provide superior support to the mattress, protecting it from sagging and providing a more comfortable sleep experience.

Special air mattress frames have high-tensile slats that are designed to evenly distribute the weight of the mattress and prevent movement of the bed frame itself. They also offer adjustable height settings, allowing you to customize your sleeping experience according to your own needs. The different frame materials used for these special frames range from wood, metal and plastic options.

Do all brands and types of air mattresses fit all types of beds?

No, not all air mattresses fit all bed types. The size and construction of a mattress play a major role in determining which beds it will fit. For example, an air mattress intended for purchase and use with a standard twin bed is likely too short to fit a California King frame.

Some mattresses have compatibility issues with adjustable beds as the mattress does not always bend easily to the shape of the frame due to their inflatable parts. Therefore, prior research should always be conducted in order to buy an appropriate mattress for any given bed type.

Can you put a queen size air mattress on a full size bed frame?

It is possible to put a queen size air mattress on a full-size bed frame, but it is not recommended because the bed will likely be too unstable for comfortable sleeping.

Additionally, the bed frame may not actually end up being long enough to fit the larger queen size mattress. This kind of setup would also mean that you have limited room on your side of the bed due to any built-in rails or posts on the frame. For optimal comfort and safety when using an air mattress, it’s typically best to use a frame specifically designed for its size.


Fixing an air mattress on bed frames is not considered a good idea. Reasons are slatting, the mattress sliding, undesired height, and the mattress’s tearing. It left you with no choice except to invest in another air mattress.

The abovementioned ways lift your air mattress above the ground without a bed frame. It also reduces the chances of puncture, hole creation, displacement, and tearing.

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