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How to Stop Mattress from Moving: 6 Easy Way

When you have an adjustable bed or a mattress that moves during sleep, it can be difficult to keep in a straight position. It doesn’t matter what type of mattress you have – even the best mattresses may move around if they don’t have proper support. From springs to straps – there are several ways that you can prevent your mattress from moving on its own.

In this article we will help you find simple methods to stop mattresses from moving. Read on to learn how to secure your mattress, choose adjustable beds, purchase supportive frames and other tips to battle this common sleep problem.

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Why does Your Mattress Move Around?

Prior to stopping your mattress from sliding, you must be able to differentiate the reasons why your mattress is sliding. The following are the possible reasons why your mattress may be sliding.

Little or no friction

Your mattress’s smoothness and lack of friction might be the reason it is sliding. Moreover, 2-sided mattresses are the most usual type of mattress that experiences this particular issue. And it is caused by the slippery surface and the lack of the grip necessary to keep the bed in place.

Your slippery mattress is enclosed in a smooth cover to provide a frictionless surface, no matter which side you choose to sleep on.

Supportive sleep surface, like toppers, are not effective solutions to sliding mattresses, because they have a soft material unsuitable for strong adhesion. These toppers often lack the friction needed to keep them from shifting. Toppers can slip if someone sleeps on the mattress and pulls the sheets.

The style of the bed frame

Your bed frame style can determine whether your mattress will slip or not. The entire bed has a tendency to slide and move when a metal frame is placed on a hardwood or tiled floor. A bed frame high enough to cover the entire mattress can keep it from moving.

Poor Support

You will have a sliding bed if you get a wrong size frame that is excessively big for your mattress size. This will create a wide space between the mattress edge and the bed frame.

Your mattress can slide if the bed frame does not hold all the mattress toppers in place. Your mattress can shift if you have a small bed and the frame isn’t snug enough.

Old Mattress

Bad bedding brands or an old mattress can cause beds to lose firmness. Investing in a new mattress can be one of the expensive solutions to having a comfortable sleep.

How to Stop Mattress from Sliding?

It can be frustrating to fix your mattress continually, so knowing how to stop it from sliding is key to getting a good night’s sleep. This section has compiled some effective tricks to prevent your mattress topper from falling off your bed. When used correctly, they will give you relief.

Vacuum under Your Mattress

The bed can accumulate a lot of dust and debris under the mattress—this could cause a thin layer. Your mattress toppers can slip and not stay in place due to the dust buildup. One way to keep the topper in place is to vacuum it underneath.

Velcro system

The velcro strap is a great way to keep your mattress from moving. Be sure to use several pieces of velcro to secure the mattress topper. 

To give your mattress a firm grip, remove the Velcro strip. Place the soft side of the tape on your bed or your mattress topper.

Buy New Mattress

Many people underestimate the importance of a new mattress. You may want to replace your entire bed if the mattress topper isn’t working as it should. For a good night’s sleep, a quality bed, well-fitting sheet, duvet or sheet set, and slipcovers can be a good investment.

Cotton Diaper

A mattress and a topper may not have enough friction to stay still. There are various ways to prevent this, but the best way to prevent a memory foam pillow from slipping is to cover it with a cotton mattress protector. A smooth mattress cover can cause mattress toppers to slip, but a cotton mattress cover should create more friction between the mattress topper and the mattress.

Anti-slip carpet

Non-slip mats can be used for many purposes. Rubber mats are great for holding mats in place. They can also be used between a mattress, underpad, or mattress cover. Rubber mats are easy to use and require very little effort. Mats can be laid flat on your bed; then, mattress toppers can be positioned on top.

Consider single-sided mattresses

The bed frame isn’t solely responsible for why your mattress keeps slipping. The mattress itself may be why it doesn’t stay in place. Depending on what works best, replace the bed frame or get a single-sided mattress instead.

What differentiates this type of mattress is that the flat side is specially designed to prevent slippage. A one-sided mattress will have a dedicated sleeping side, so your bottom side will still resist slippage. However, the downside of this mattress is that you cannot return it later if you notice any indentations.


Can you put a mattress on the floor to stop it sliding?

Putting your mattress on the floor will not stop it from sliding. However, you can fix a rug or any support under the mattress while putting it on the floor. This may stop it from sliding on the floor.

How do I keep my adjustable bed from sliding down?

Place a non-slip mat between your adjustable mattress and the box spring to keep it from sliding.

You can find products to prevent your mattress from slipping in bedding stores. These are the non-slip mats and non-slip box spring isolators. Made of PVC rubber, these stability props are so thin you won’t feel them when sleeping.

When choosing your product, be sure to choose a model of non-slip mat that is the size of your mattress and your bed. If you can’t find suitable product, you can also add two small mats or insulators. The result should be equivalent.


Maybe you or your partner move a lot in bed, or your bed frame isn’t compatible with the mattress. This can be unpleasant because you constantly must figure out how to keep the mattress from slipping every night. The good news is that you can fix the problem quickly by placing a shim on the frame.

You can replace the current bed frame or opt for a 1-sided mattress to prevent slippage. If these options aren’t feasible, you can always use gap fillers like rugs, pillows, and bands to hold the bed frame and mattress together.

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