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Do You Need a Crib Mattress Pad?

Since babies spend most of their time in the crib, you need a crib mattress pad. Besides protecting your baby’s mattress, a crib mattress pad offers convenience and gives you a more sanitary space.

You also want your baby to be comfortable as they sleep, and that’s what a crib mattress pad does. But what exactly is a crib mattress pad? And are there any types of crib mattress pads? Below we expound on everything you need about a crib mattress pad.

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What Is A Crib Mattress Pad?

Crib Mattress Pad

The crib mattress pad is a pad you place above your little one’s mattress and does not retain any fluids. It implies if your baby accidentally pees or you spill liquids; they won’t soak on the baby’s mattress or damage the bed. It offers a barrier between the fitted sheet and your baby’s mattress. 

The pad can help to adjust the mattress height, which gives your baby an extra layer of comfort when sleeping. Additionally, the pad will prevent the stains from reaching your mattress, making it last longer. 

Different Types of Crib Mattress Pads

Here are different types of crib mattress pads you can choose from.

Fitted Pad

Flat Fit Crib Protective Pad

When shopping for a crib mattress pad, you must get a pad with a snug fit. Fitted pads are made to fit or secure your mattress correctly. They do not sag or hang.

If you get one that does not work well, it may gape at the ends, creating uncomfortable wrinkles and extra material that may make your baby get caught. Moreover, getting one too small for your crib will disturb you when fitting your mattress.

Lie-Flat Pad

Lie-flat pads are pads that lie flat and are more comfortable than other pads. In addition, these pads do not create frustrating wrinkles or bulges hence increasing the comfort of your little one.

Small Pad

The small pads are designed to fit the small area where your baby sleeps. They might not be an ideal choice for the long term, but they may be convenient and save you from using too much force to pull the edges of other pads to your mattress.

The only downside is that they aren’t secured and can cause suffocation to your baby. Therefore, when using them, ensure you are around or have someone supervise the child.

Remember that the pad you are using on your baby’s crib should be safe; for it to be safe, it must fit securely around your mattress. There should be no loose bedding inside the crib. And as said, any hanging fabrics or sheets may cause strangling or suffocation to your child.

Why Should You Have a Crib Mattress Pad?

Here are different reasons why you should have a crib mattress pad.

Protection of the Mattress

A baby is bound to many leaky messes. Accidents can happen at any time, mostly during the night as the baby sleeps. In case of fluids or pees, the liquids won’t get into your mattress because the pad will protect it. Your baby will stay dry during sleep, and your bed will be safe from mold, moisture, and leaks.

If you do not use a mattress pad, the chances of fluid ruining your hard-earned baby mattress are high. Additionally, your bundle of joy will remain socked when they pee until you change them.


Quality crib mattress pads are usually designed with comfort in mind so that the top part can offer comfort to the baby. They won’t feel pressure on their back.

The pad provides comfort, and they can sleep peacefully the entire day. Also, its breathable materials ensure moisture and heat are kept a bay for the baby to sleep comfortably throughout the weather seasons.

Easy to Clean

Having your little one around makes you busy. Having a quality mattress pad will make it easy to clean or wash. Every time your baby pees, you can throw the pads into a washer, and within a short time, your pads will be ready for use.

Even if you decide to wash them using your hands, it is not a big deal, they are easy to clean, and you will save time.

Natural Options Available

There are various natural options of crib mattress pads to choose from. You can always visit reputable physical stores or online stores and get yourself one. They do not release harmful chemicals to your child. Your child will be safe.

Provides a More Sanitary Space

Good hygiene is key to a baby’s overall well-being. As your baby grows, they are more susceptible to germs and viruses. Without a mattress pad, the fluids might dive into your mattress and cause mold and bacteria formation, which makes an unhealthy environment for your little one.

A waterproof pad is a barrier between the mattress and your child, saving them from an unhealthy environment.


Are Crib Mattress Pads Safe for babies?

Yes, crib mattress pads are safe when you use them correctly. Below are precautions you can follow whenever you are using crib mattress pads:

  • Ensure you secure the entire pad on the bed using zippers or straps if they are available.
  • Ensure you check the mattress pad during morning hours or after some hours to check if it has moved. In case it has, remember to adjust before you place the baby on top of it.

How Much Do Crib Mattress Pads Cost?

The prices of crib mattress pads usually vary with features and brands. There is no fixed price, but it may begin from $15 or $16. However, other stores may sell them starting at $12, while other big brands may sell them at $100 or above. So, the higher the price, the better the quality.

How Many Crib Mattress Pads Do I Need For a Year?

The number of crib mattress pads needed for a year depends on the frequency of its usage and the type of mattress pad. Generally, it is recommended to have at least two to three mattress pads on hand to account for accidents or spills.

Waterproof and washable crib mattress pads are a good option, as they can be easily cleaned and reused. 

Can crib mattress pads be used with all mattress types?

Not all crib mattress pads can be used with all mattress types. It is important to check the dimensions and the type of crib mattress pad before making a purchase

Some pads are specifically designed to fit snugly on standard crib mattresses, while others may be too small or too big for some types of mattresses.

Additionally, some crib mattress pads may not be compatible with certain materials, such as memory foam or gel mattresses. It is highly recommended to consult with the crib manufacturer or a trusted retailer before making a purchase to ensure the mattress pad is safe and fits properly.

How often should crib mattress pads be washed?

Crib mattress pads should be washed regularly to maintain a clean and hygienic sleeping environment for infants. Ideally, it is recommended to wash crib mattress pads once a week or every time there is a diaper leak or any other spillage.

However, it is also important to check the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for washing and drying the crib mattress pads. Some materials and fabrics require specific washing instructions to ensure that the pads do not lose their shape or functionality. Parents or caregivers can also use mattress protectors or waterproof sheets to minimize the need for frequent washing of the crib mattress pads.

Can crib mattress pads help with bedwetting accidents?

Yes, crib mattress pads can help with bedwetting accidents. These pads are designed to protect the mattress from any spills or accidents. They are made of water-resistant materials, such as vinyl, to prevent any liquid from penetrating the mattress.

By placing a crib mattress pad on the bed, parents can easily wash and dry the pad instead of having to clean the entire mattress, which can be time-consuming and costly. Additionally, the pad provides an extra layer of comfort for the child as they sleep. Crib mattress pads are not just for babies, but can also be used for older children who struggle with bedwetting.

Do crib mattress pads affect breathability?

Crib mattress pads can affect breathability, depending on the type of material used. Some crib mattress pads are made with breathable materials such as cotton, which allows air to circulate through the mattress and promotes ventilation. Other crib mattress pads are made with synthetic materials that do not allow for proper air flow, increasing the risk of suffocation and overheating for infants.

When choosing a crib mattress pad, it is important to look for breathable materials and to ensure that it fits snugly on the mattress without creating any gaps or wrinkles that may impede air circulation.


A crib mattress pad is worth investing in. It is a pad you place on top of your baby’s mattress to offer protection to the bed, give your baby comfort, and provide a more sanitary space for your little one.

The mattress pad is safe, provided you use it correctly. Additionally, you can get a crib mattress pad for $15. So, if you do not own one, you can get it now!

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