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How To Deep Clean a Mattress Using Carpet Cleaner

Cleaning your mattress regularly will guarantee you a sound night’s sleep and improve its lifetime. Moreover, if your mattress is experiencing allergen buildup or other visible dirt or urine stains, those items can make sleeping uncomfortable and have health implications.

Using a carpet cleaner safely reduces allergens while removing dead skin cells, mattress stains and lingering odors from your mattress. Whether you are dealing with pet hair and odor or just wanting to rejuvenate your bedding environment, here’s how to clean a mattress using a carpet cleaner with ease!

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What Is a Carpet Cleaner?

Vacuum Cleaner Carpet

The machine that assists in the removal of dirt, dust, and stains from carpets is known as a carpet cleaner. This is accomplished through the application of suction, which removes dirt and stains from the carpet fibers. Most carpet cleaners have a water tank that can hold both warm water and detergent inside it. After the dirty water and detergent have been sucked up in the vacuum, they are put into the tank.

Can I Use a Carpet Cleaner on Mattress?

The answer to this question is “yes,” In point of fact, using a carpet cleaner to clean mattress might be the most effective method that you have available to you at home. Having said that, you ought to check that you are carrying it out in the appropriate manner.

It’s similar to removing a stain from the carpet. Where too many people spray the entire surface, and they immediately begin scrubbing as vigorously as they can with a hand towel. Using that method will, at best, give you inconsistent results.

Scrubbing can actually drive tough stains deeper into the material of entire mattress, which is another reason to avoid doing it. It is strongly recommended that you make use of a carpet cleaner instead. 

Are Carpet Cleaners Harmful to The Mattress?

If you don’t use the appropriate cleaning products, then yes, they can be. It is of the utmost importance that you familiarize yourself with the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the carpet cleaner that you ultimately decide to use.

There is a good chance that the manufacturer will provide you with a favored list of cleaning products that they advise you to make use of for upholstered goods like your mattress. Investigate different carpet shampoos to find one that will not compromise the material of the mattress while you clean it.

Be on the lookout for potentially harmful chemicals that may be hidden in the ingredients of the carpet shampoo. The following are examples of such toxic ingredients:

  1. Perchloroethylene
  2. Naphthalene
  3. Ammonia
  4. Sodium Triphosphate 
  5. Trisodium Phosphate Hypochlorite

Examine the label carefully. If any of these chemicals are present in the carpet shampoo that you are considering purchasing, you should stay away from it. Inhalation of such substances can cause eventual organ damage.

How Do I Use a Carpet Cleaner to Clean My Mattress?

Deep cleaning a mattress doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming if you have access to a carpet cleaner. Following these simple steps, you can maintain a healthy and hygienic sleeping environment for yourself or your family members in no time at all!

1. Remove All Beddings

It’s important to remove all beddings before deep cleaning your mattress. This includes sheets, blankets, pillows, and other sleeping accessories. Additionally, set mattress toppers and covers aside since they need to be cleaned separately for proper maintenance. We recommend tossing your sheets into the washing machine while cleaning your mattress.

Doing this will help keep your bedding clean and fresh in between deep cleans. It also ensures that any dirt or dust that may have been left behind from the carpet cleaner won’t end up transferring onto your bedding when you put it back on the mattress. Taking a few minutes to remove all beddings before beginning the deep clean process will save you time and effort in the long run!

2. Lift Your Mattress

Lifting your mattress from its foundation or bed frame is an essential step in deep cleaning it. If left in its regular position, reaching all the hard-to-reach spots will be exceedingly difficult and you won’t be able to get your mattress as clean as possible.

When lifting your mattress, we recommend setting it at an angle against a wall for easy access. Other sturdy structures like bookcases, wardrobes, or even large tables are also acceptable to use as supports for your mattress while you’re cleaning it.

3. Vacuum Thoroughly

Once you’ve lifted your mattress off of its foundation or bed frame, it’s time to vacuum. Using your hand tool attachment, carefully run the vacuum over all surfaces of your mattress. This includes both bed faces and around the edges. Pay extra attention to hard-to-reach spots like corners and crevices as these are likely to be dirtier than other areas.

Vacuuming is an important step in deep cleaning as it helps remove loose dirt and prepares the mattress for further cleaning. After vacuuming, make sure you empty out the contents of your vacuum bag or canister to avoid any dirt from being reintroduced onto your mattress!

4. Bring Out the Mattress Cleaner

After your bed has been thoroughly vacuumed, use your water-powered carpet cleaner for a thorough maintenance session. We recommend running the nozzle over each side of the bed in long, consistent strokes to avoid oversaturation and pushing dirt deeper – there’s no need to go back and forth over one section.

You can even add a few drops of detergent or cleanser to the water for an extra clean! After one side has been thoroughly washed and cleaned, give it time to dry out before moving on to the other face. You risk attracting more dust and dirt to your wet mattress if you don’t. Repeat this process for the sides of your bed too – make sure you get right into those corners! Once everything is dry, you can start enjoying a clean and fresh mattress once again!

Other Tips for Keeping Your Mattress Fresh

Schedule A Deep Cleaning Every Six Months

Scheduling a deep cleaning of your mattress every six months is one of the best things you can do to keep it fresh and inviting. Not only does this prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other particles over time, but it also helps to prevent sagging and uncomfortable pressure points.

Professional cleaning services can be expensive, so if you’d rather do it yourself, consider renting or investing in a carpet cleaner and upholstery attachment. This will help to break down grime and remove any stuck-on debris while sanitizing your mattress at the same time. Doing this regularly will ensure that your bed remains comfortable, clean, and inviting for years to come!

Flip Your Mattress Regularly (Unless It's A Pillow Top)

Flipping your mattress regularly is a great way to extend its lifespan, but it’s important to note that pillow top mattresses aren’t meant to be flipped unless they have an extra layer on both sides. This is because the pillow top can easily become distorted when flipped and can cause uncomfortable pressure points.

If you have a regular mattress, however, flipping it every six months or so will help ensure that both sides wear evenly, which will in turn make it last longer. It may take some effort and careful maneuvering, but the end result will be worth it for your ultimate comfort!

Spot Clean Right Away

The key to keeping your mattress in good condition is to spot clean it as soon as you see any stains or discoloration. Allowing the stain to dry can make it harder to remove down the line, so it’s best to act quickly and start cleaning immediately. We recommend using a mixture of 1:1 hydrogen peroxide and warm water mixed with a ¼ teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid for the best results. You can use a sponge or cloth dipped in the solution and gently dab at the stain until it lifts off.

If you are dealing with stubborn spots, you can use an old toothbrush or soft brush to help scrub away any residue. Once you’ve finished spot cleaning, be sure to blot away any remaining liquid with a clean cloth and let your mattress air dry before making up the bed again.


Deodorizing your mattress is an important part of keeping it fresh and clean. Luckily, it’s easy to do with just a few simple steps. Start by sprinkling baking soda over the surface that you are currently sleeping on. Wait a few hours for the baking soda to work its magic, then vacuum thoroughly to remove any residue. This will help absorb odors and leave your mattress smelling fresh and clean.

If you want to take it one step further, try using a fabric refresher spray after vacuuming – this will give your mattress an extra boost of freshness! Finally, be sure to open up the windows in your bedroom for at least 15 minutes each day.


Does baking soda really clean a mattress?

Baking soda can indeed help to clean a mattress, as it is non-toxic and naturally occurring, so it doesn’t create any harm to people or the environment.

You can simply sprinkle it liberally over the surface of the mattress and rub it in with a damp sponge. Let it sit for a few hours and then vacuum off. Although baking soda does have some cleaning properties, it should be used in conjunction with stronger cleaners for deeper stains. It also works best when combined with other natural cleaning solutions, such as vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.

How can I make my mattress white again?

You can use a mixture of equal parts hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Brush the mixture onto your mattress in circular motions and let it sit for a few hours or overnight. After that, simply rinse off the residue with clean water and allow your mattress to dry in the sun.

You can also spritz white vinegar on the mattress after applying the paste to help whiten it even more. For tougher stains, you may need to use a cleaner specifically designed for mattresses.

Is baking soda good for cleaning mattress?

Baking soda can be very useful for cleaning mattresses. The powder is the perfect absorbing agent, helping to draw out any moisture and odors from the mattress. Additionally, baking soda also helps to neutralize bad smells while providing a pleasant, fresh scent.

When combined with detergent, baking soda works even better in this situation because it will help to scrub away stains and dirt, giving a deep-clean. However, make sure to vacuum the mattress thoroughly after applying baking soda in order to remove any leftover residue and keep your mattress clean and smelling fresh.

Can I clean my mattress with all purpose cleaner?

All purpose cleaners are not recommended for cleaning your mattress. They can leave behind dangerous residue and damage the materials used to make mattresses and their fire retardants.

Vacuuming, steaming, and spot treating with a mattress-approved cleaner like an enzyme or baking soda solution are all beneficial when it comes time to freshen up your mattress. 

What is the best way to clean a foam mattress?

The best way to clean a foam mattress is through regular maintenance. This includes vacuuming it regularly and spot-cleaning any spills as soon as possible with a mild detergent. You can also deodorize it with baking soda, which should be left on the mattress for at least 15 minutes before you vacuum it off.

For deep cleaning, you may use a steam cleaner to kill dust mites and neutralize odors. If there are any stubborn stains, you can use a small amount of diluted white vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Make sure to dry the mattress after each cleaning session since moisture can cause mold growth.

What can I use to clean the top of my mattress?

The best way to clean the top of your mattress is to use a vacuum cleaner with an extension. Start by vacuuming away any dirt and dust from the surface of the mattress. You can also use a baking soda solution and a microfiber cloth to gently scrub away the tougher spots or stains.

If you need to spot treat for difficult stains, use a cleaning solution specifically designed for mattresses. Always remember to test any new product on an inconspicuous area before cleaning your mattress.

Is it OK to steam clean a mattress?

It is generally OK to steam clean a mattress; however, it is important to check the label of the mattress first to see if this is an approved cleaning method.

We recommended to test a small area before using the steamer on your whole mattress. ensure that you have adequate time to dry after steaming so that no more moisture remains in the mattress.

Can I use a carpet cleaner on my memory foam mattress?

No, you should not use a carpet cleaner on your memory foam mattress. Carpet cleaners contain high amounts of water which could end up seeping into the memory foam and damaging it. This could cause the mattress to become lumpy and uncomfortable over time.

You should consider using a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment for spot cleaning purposes or even purchasing a special mattress cleaning product designed specifically for memory foam mattresses.

Final word

Using a carpet cleaner to clean your mattress can be an effective and efficient way to remove dirt, stains, and odors. However, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use appropriate cleaning products to avoid potentially damaging the mattress material.

With a little bit of care and attention, you can use a carpet cleaner to keep your mattress clean and fresh, ensuring a comfortable and healthy sleep environment. Don’t forget to regularly wash bed linens and vacuum the mattress to keep it in top condition. By following these steps, you can enjoy a clean and fresh-smelling mattress for years to come.

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