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What Is Mattress Edge Support?

Have you ever slipped off the mattress or fallen off your bed in the middle of the night because your bed lacks excellent edge support? Or Have you ever wondered if your mattress has edge support and what that is? Well, getting a comfortable rest on your entire mattress is vital for quality sleep, and for that to happen, you need a firm and comfortable mattress edge support.

It is a crucial aspect of your mattress as it defines a well-made mattress. Whenever you choose a mattress for yourself, it is also vital to consider the edge support since it affects the amount of support you can get throughout the night and how the mattress feels—first time hearing the word edge support? Do not worry.

This post will enlighten you on what mattress edge support is, its benefits, and the factors affecting mattress edge support. Let’s get started.

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What Is Edge Support in a Mattress?

Edge support is the amount of strengthening done along the outside design of your mattress and the materials that preserve the mattress structure. For your mattress to have quality edge support, it needs to be reliable when one wants to sit or sleep on it.

Some purposes of having edge support are to stop your mattress from sagging around the edges and allow you to sleep on any part of the bed without slipping or falling. It also offers quality and comfortable sleep.

Many designers use different materials to develop edge support. Some use reinforced coils, while others prefer firmer foam. However, other materials perform better than others.

Edge support is one of the crucial things you must consider when buying a mattress. If you sleep with a partner or weigh more than 230 pounds, you need to get firmer edge support to benefit from the entire mattress during sleep.

Edge support can also be essential to people suffering from back pain, body aches, and mobility problems. The reinforced edges usually facilitate quality sleeping anywhere on the mattress. It also makes getting in and out of the bed effortless.

Edge Support in a Mattress

Benefits of Having Good Edge Support in a Mattress

Here are several benefits of having good edge support in a mattress. Take a look;

  • Improved Sleep Quality

No one wants to slip or fall off from their bed. A mattress with firm and comfortable edge support enhances your sleep quality and makes it safer to sleep. You won’t have a disruptive sleep because you fear falling off the bed.

If you like changing positions while sleeping, you can do it comfortably since the firmer edges prevent you from falling out of bed. You can also sleep at the mattress’s edge, which won’t slide or slip.

Additionally, having good edge support helps to reduce pressure from your movements as you sleep and prevents internal mattress material from sagging and shifting.

  • Improved Durability and Lifespan

A mattress with excellent edge support usually last longer and serves you better. For instance, the innerspring mattress has great edge support and does not sag or wear out prematurely, making it durable.

Edge support ensures your bed is in great shape for many years for you to get the best out of your purchase.

  • Enhanced Comfort and Support

No one wants uncomfortable sleep. Getting the most comfortable and supportive mattress is a challenge for heavier people. However, a mattress with great edge support ensures heavier sleepers get a more relaxed and supported sleep.

Reinforced edges usually serve longer and more efficiently. Also, if you like sitting on the mattress while getting ready, you get more stability from the bed with edge support.

  • Increase Space in Bed

More long-lasting edges usually add a usable sleeping surface area since every part of the mattress is functional. This helps in creating space for sitting and sleeping. Also, the increased surface area is handy for couples putting two bodies on one mattress.

The chances of bumping your partner are minimal when changing positions. Even if you like spreading out at night, accessing a whole mattress effortlessly is a great experience.

  • Reduce Motion Transfer

Mattresses with reduced motion transfer offer good edge support. It means that you do not feel your partner when they are changing positions or moving throughout your sleep. It also implies that you and your partner can freely change positions or move around at your bedside without disturbing each other. This enhances your sleep quality and makes the two of you sleep comfortably.

Factors Affecting Mattress Edge Support

Various factors affect mattress edge support, including mattress design and materials, user weight and sleeping habits, bed frame and foundation. Let’s take a look at each of them;

  • Mattress Design and Materials

The design and materials used in the mattress greatly affect the mattress edge support. You will find out that softer mattress designs easily get compressed when heavier weight is exerted on them. This can deteriorate the edge support faster and not provide adequate support as required.

Only some mattresses come with reinforced edges. There are specific mattresses that feature edge support, which is mostly hybrid and innerspring. These mattress types come with coils as the main supportive layer. 

On the other hand, latex and memory mattresses are designed differently. Like memory foam, it features more substantial types of foam, which you find around the perimeter, allowing you to sit at the edge of the mattress without sliding off.

Latex mattresses have a similar design to memory foam but provide more durable support than memory foam.

In the case of an innerspring mattress, edge support is vital. Without it, the mattress becomes uncomfortable and deteriorates easily. The edge support in the innerspring mattress comprises even steel rods, foam or coils. So, the bottom line is different types of mattresses contain different edge support.

  • User Weight and Sleeping Habits

When the body weight of a sleeper exceeds the level, the mattress is designed to handle, it can affect the efficiency of mattress edge support. Also, if a sleeper is lighter and their sleeping habits are not good like they are rough on the bed or jumping up and down, it affects the function of the edge support.

Even if you use memory foam or a hybrid mattress, excessive weight or more force on the mattress can negatively affect the mattress’s edge support. The user’s weight can incorporate more pressure on the edge support, making it collapse.

  • Bed Frame and Foundation

If the bed frame and foundation are not sturdy and flat, your mattress may sag or become uncomfortable, making the edge support inefficient. Additionally, if your bed frame has broken slats, it can make the mattress unsteady, eventually making the edge support useless.

That’s why it’s ideal you get the right bed frame and foundation for your mattress to enjoy the benefits of edge support. An excellent bed frame and foundation should support the mattress edge more. It should also be sturdy, flat and efficient.

Tips for Maintaining Mattress Edge Support

Below are different tips for maintaining edge support.

1. Rotate and Flip the Mattress Regularly

One of the effective ways to make your mattress edge support serve you longer is to flip or rotate the mattress frequently. It is a good way of preventing your mattress from having a permanent dip because of using a particular part when you sleep. It, in turn, makes your edge support offer you the best support and for the bed to be even so that you get enough support from every part of the mattress.

You can always check your manufacturer’s manual if you have to rotate or flip the mattress and when.

2. Stop Sitting on the Edge of the Bed

You may find yourself sitting on the edge of the bed every time you dress, get up, and even tie your shoes. It is an ideal place to sit, but you will concentrate stress directly on the edge support. So, if your mattress does not have enough capacity to withstand the extra pressure, it will make the edge of the mattress deteriorate prematurely.

The ideal thing you can do is to stop sitting on the edge of the bed or, if you have to, ensure the quality of the edge support is excellent. You can use an ottoman or bench, which you can place at the foot of your bed. Then you can sit on it when you wake up, get ready, or tie shoes.

3. Use a Sturdy Bed Frame and Foundation

A sturdy bed frame and foundation ensure your mattress wears evenly alongside regular use. You can use a box spring to fully support the mattress alongside its edge for innerspring mattresses. For memory foam, you can use a solid platform bed frame to support the mattress and keep your bed under warranty.

Also, ensure you get a bed frame fully designed to support your weight even if you are heavier. To be safe, check your bed frame and foundation every year to see if they are still sturdy or if any broken slats can affect the performance of your mattress.

4. Consider Investing in a Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is a two-to-four-inch layer compartment of latex, memory foam or other material you incorporate on your mattress. The main function of a mattress topper is to increase the feel of your bed by adding another layer of your desire.

You can choose a mattress topper that meets your needs. It can be to make you feel cooler, warmer, firmer or softer; it all depends on what you want it for. The extra layer, the mattress topper, also prevents your mattress from sagging and gives the edge of your bed more support so that you get quality sleep.

Below are more benefits of mattress toppers:

  • Regulates your bed temperature.
  • Adjust your mattress firmness to your preferred liking.
  • It gives year-round comfort no matter the changing seasons.
  • It helps in lifting a sagging mattress.
  • It saves you money by keeping your mattress in better shape for longer.
  • It keeps your mattress clean since it acts as a protective barrier.
  • Assists in relieving pain, especially back pain.


A mattress edge support Is an unnoticeable yet crucial feature in your mattress. Besides improving your sleep quality, it enhances comfort and support, increases space in your bed, and improves the durability and comfort of your mattress. Always ensure you get the right mattress for your body weight to enjoy the benefits of mattress edge support.

Remember to avoid sitting on the edge of the bed, use a sturdy frame and consider investing in a mattress topper. Doing that will give you the comfort and support you need throughout the night.

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