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What to Do with Old Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses allow us to sleep comfortably after a long day. However, just like other household items, they wear off and need to be replaced. But how do you dispose of an old mattress?

In this post, we’ve shared different ways to dispose of an old memory foam mattress.

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Ways to Recycle or Reuse Memory Foam Mattress

Donate to Local Charity Organizations

Donating to local charity organizations is a great way to dispose of your old mattress. Many people can’t afford new mattresses, and giving them an old mattress will add comfort to their life. You can donate the mattress to churches, shelters, or needy neighbors.

You can contact the local ones if you want to donate a mattress to a charity organization. Some charities don’t accept old mattresses for hygiene reasons, so notifying them beforehand is essential.

If you’re unsure which organization to donate to, use online media to contact them. Ensure you include the condition of the mattress, the type, and where it can be picked when using online platforms.

Sell to Another Person

Selling an old mattress is another great way to dispose of an old memory foam mattress. Before attempting this option, ensure that the mattress is in good condition. Remember to disinfect and clean, as this will increase its resale value.

You can either sell the mattress locally or use social media platforms. Most second-hand shops in your locality will accept the mattress as long as it is in good condition. Call the second-hand shop to know their requirements before selling your mattress.

See If the Manufacturer Offers a Recycling Program

Some manufacturers offer a recycling program, so checking if yours is covered is a good idea. If they do, you can recycle your mattress products through a disposal or buy-back agreement.

The best way to determine if they offer a recycling program is by checking the manufacturer’s warranty. If the program is not there, check their website and use the contact form or live chat to enquire.

Repurpose Your Memory Foam Mattress

While it’s easier to dispose of the mattress at the local landfill, being conscious of the environment is essential. You can achieve this by repurposing the memory foam mattress.

If your mattress is not worn out, you can use it to make a pet bed. Instead of buying an expensive pet bed, use your old mattress to create a comfortable place where your pet can lie. Just trim the mattress to an appropriate shape and size, and then add a washable cover.

Memory foam mattresses are also perfect for making pillows, cushions, and stuffed animals. You can also check if there are companies that buy shredded foam mattresses for their work and craft objects.

You can use the shredded foam to make their craft projects if you have kids. Children like playing with lightweight toys, and foam is perfect for making stuffed dolls. If you don’t have children, check whether the local school accepts shredded foam for their art programs.

Throw It Away

disposing of an old mattress

It’s advisable first to contact the local council if you choose to dispose of the mattress. Most councils offer disposal services for bulky items that might overwhelm the landfill. Remember, some will collect it for free, while others may charge some pick-up fee.

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Mattress Disposal

Mattresses are bulky, and it’s essential to know how their disposal affects the environment. Most US states have set laws prohibiting irresponsible disposal of mattresses. Remember, mattresses take up much landfill space, thus consuming valuable land and increasing disposal costs.

The regulations put in place are working towards promoting sustainability and environmental protection. They encourage recycling and waste reduction.

Most legal regulations are against certain methods of mattress disposal, such as burning the mattress and hiring a skip. Burning the mattress will produce hazardous fumes that damage the environment.

Nowadays, people are fly-tipping as they think it’s a cheaper and hassle-free alternative to dispose of a mattress. However, doing this can attract a heavy fine from the authorities.


Disposing of an old mattress can be challenging as they are bulky and take up a lot of space. However, there are different options that you can consider depending on the state of the mattress.

You can donate to local charities and homeless shelters if the mattress is still in good condition. Alternatively, you can recycle or repurpose it. If the mattress is worn out, you can dispose of it.

Before you dispose of the mattress, contact your local council to know if they offer mattress disposal services. Regardless of your chosen method, ensure it is environmentally friendly and doesn’t go against local regulations.

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