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How to Make Air Mattress More Comfortable

Have you ever been uncomfortable on an air mattress? The lack of cushioning makes it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. The good news is, there are ways to make your air mattress more comfortable and supportive.

Air mattresses are popular for camping, having guests over, or any other situation that requires an easy-to-store temporary sleeping solution. However, many people find the traditional air mattresses stiff and uncomfortable. By taking a few extra steps when setting up an air mattress and adding some extra padding, you can make this typically unpleasant experience into one of luxury.

You can take simple but effective steps to make your air mattress experience much more comfortable. In this article we will discuss different tips that you can use to transform your air mattress into a proper place for restful sleep. These strategies will help make sure you have a peaceful sleep on the road or at home; no matter where you are traveling!

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How to Make Air Mattress More Comfortable?

Spread the Bed Covers and Sheets Evenly

air mattress with flat bed sheet

Your air mattress will inevitably warm up as the temperature rises and cool down when the weather gets colder. To prevent significant temperature changes, you should lay out your bed sheets, and mattress covers properly. If you did this, you wouldn’t experience any discomfort due to the abrupt temperature fluctuations.

Also, always ensure to adjust and smoothen your sheet after spreading it. Otherwise, you may have trouble falling asleep if you do not evenly spread your sheets and coverings. Your bed size will determine what type and sheet you’ll use. Check the corners of the bed for folds. Adjust the folds until you are sure of the proper spreading of the bed cover.

Place Air Mattresses on Soft Surface

This is another simple and excellent option for raising air mattress quality. The majority of air mattresses don’t work very well on concrete floors. Alternatively, you could put your inflatable mattress on a softer surface like a mat or rug if you want a quality and comfortable sleep time. 

A soft box spring surface won’t only stop it from sliding but also effectively stop the bed from losing heat, which aids in maintaining the pressure. This could also help if you’re trying to figure out how to silence an inflated mattress.

Raise Your Mattress Off the Ground

Folding Camp Cot and Air Bed with Side Tables

This is a simple method for raising the quality of your air mattress. These air mattresses’ vinyl bottom layer won’t line up nicely with a hardwood floor. It can be set up on a mat or rug for this reason. That way, you may greatly improve your body heat and quality of sleep.

Use A Bed Topper

One of the most cost-effective ways to significantly enhance the feel of your air mattress beds is to use a bed topper. By doing this, you can avoid sleeping on the air bed’s typical rubbery surface. Cheaper air mattresses can be uncomfortable to sleep on. But with a bed topper, there is almost nothing to worry about. It will boost comfort to a great extent.

Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Also, if you have a bad mattress (old or sagging) and any back problems, foam toppers may be of help. They also lessen heat transfer from your body to the mattress. Bed toppers are good for regular mattresses too.

Use Some Headboard or A Wall

Many people feel uneasy on beds without headboards. A headboard can enhance your sleep, so you should consider getting one. The likelihood is high that the headboard will stop the pillow from slipping as you sleep, preventing any disturbances.

If you build the mattress stand, it can also hold a headboard. Alternatively, use a wall. You may easily position an air mattress next to a wall to mirror the feeling of using a board.

Use Sheets While Camping

Since an air mattress is nothing more than a piece of an inflated bed, using sheets when camping will be helpful. You should spread your sheets and mattress coverings properly to prepare for any temperature changes.

Use Proper Pillows

Using a proper pillow has numerous proven advantages, and you can’t emphasize them enough. You must constantly ensure that your bed is furnished with a top-notch, fitting pillow.

Your spine is aligned by the pillow, which also relieves neck strain and back pain. It is essential that you buy decent pillows since quality matters a lot. In addition to being comfortable, pillows also help you sleep better. A built-in pillow is rarely included with mattresses, but the ideal pillow always has the right stuffing.

Properly Pack Away Air Mattresses

It’s important to pack your air mattress carefully. Once the mattress is deflated, gently press along its length in the direction of the air inlet. Put as much force as you can. Then, put it back in its original box after folding it. You can tie it with some ribbons and threads if need be. You can then store it in a secure location.

Inflate Or Deflate

inflating a air mattress with a hand held electric pump

The air pressure in an air bed is a huge factor influencing your sleep quality. Your air mattress will feel quite firm if you fill it with too much air. However, if it is not inflated enough, it will cause it to sag and may be unable to support you well enough.

The bed should be inflated and deflated as much as necessary to meet your ideal preference. Nonetheless, your actual weight will play an important part in this.


Can You Use a Mattress Topper on An Airbed?

Yes. You can use a mattress topper to alter an air mattress’s temperature, firmness, or softness. Mattress toppers can be used on almost any mattress. Still, due to the additional stability and support, they can make the most impact on air mattresses compared to other types of mattresses.

Why Do Air Mattresses Make My Hips Hurt?

Air mattresses lose air, although some lose air more quickly than others. The pressure regions on your body, notably your shoulders and hips, will droop as the mattress deflates because of the involuntary change in resting position. To avoid this, you can swiftly inflate the mattress pressure regularly.

Is It Bad to Leave an Air Mattress Inflated?

You should deflate your air mattress whenever it is not in use. Its quality will eventually decline if you keep it inflated. One of the drawbacks that can influence an air mattress’ durability is the possibility of air leakage. Leaving it inflated may make you have a leaky mattress, compromising comfortability.


If you’re still unsure of how to improve the comfort of an air mattress, start by treating it like a regular bed. The beautiful thing about inflatable mattresses is that they are simple to adjust to your preferred level of comfort. 

If you take the actions we’ve spoken about in this article, you’ll have long-term comfort and enhanced quality sleep using your air mattress.

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